• Price of Peace

    Severus Snape and Remus Lupin search for more clues to what had gone wrong all those years ago, and for the missing Horcurxes. Meanwhile, Narcissa searches for a way to escape safely with her son. Wizard Focused, Amestris Included. Part of the Fullmetal Dadchemist series.

  • Mistakes and Promises

    With Alphonse on the road to recovery and returning to his duties as Headmaster, Yuery is among the students enrolling in Xerxes Academy, meanwhile the situation in Table City continues to intensify and Severus Snape takes up a more active role in the young Elric's education. Part of the Fullmetal Dadchemist series.

  • Tides of Change

    Yuery begins his first year at school and Snape continues to dig into Dumbledore's research.

  • The trial of Remy LeBeau

    Sinister sues Gambit over breech of contract, post series, humor.

  • Remy's List

    Follow up to I'm Running Away. Remy is home free...until he remembers what he forgot. Part of the Babysitting universe, pre-series

  • Rumors

    Michonne returns from a run, to hear new rumors popping up.

  • Define Normal

    School, Video games, Raking leaves. These are all normal things, that people do everyday. Add in sugar rushes, sworn enemies and budget cuts, however, and it just seems insane. Starring: Gambit,Rogue,Cyclops, Wolverine, and the rest.

  • Snow Day

    Snowed in the group has the day off from school. A prank war and insanity begins. Sequel to 'Define Normal'.

  • Phoenix Rising Prevention Squad

    Jean's dubious "Tie Incident" story may have been overlooked by the residents of the Mansion, but it hasn't been by the authorities. Now the X-men must both prevent another Phoenix issue and deal with a murder investigation...on top of their usual issues with babies, dragons, and elves. Part 12 of the Babysitting Series.

  • Twenty-five Minutes of Torture: Kurt's Babysitting Story

    Kurt babysits Kaitlyn and Olivier for Rogue and Remy. Kurt centered Story with Remy and Rogue mentioned. Part of the Babysitting Series, after Amusement Parks, Babies, and Brilliant Plans.