• The Light in Dark Places

    In a world of things beyond belief, magic and mystery, unicorns and dementors. In a word where a baby somehow managed to banish the darkest wizard of an age...is just a girl trying to get through her school education.
  • The Light in Dark Places

    In a world of magic, muggles, old legends and new tales. Of dragons and unicorns, centaurs and dementors. In a world where a baby managed to end a reign of terror by the darkest wizard of the age...is a girl just trying to get through her school education.
  • Still Holding On

    It's not going to be easy, attending Hogwarts at the same time as Harry Potter. Even harder when you're a pureblood Slytherin and before long, everyone will know about the impending war. When you're written amongst the sacred twenty-eight, you don't choose sides, they choose for you.
  • It's A Long Road From Here

    Hogwarts is one of the safest places to go to school. Nina Rosier knows this, her brother has told her about it. She can't wait to go, but it's never going to go smoothly when she's attending school with Harry Potter. Harry Potter re-write from POV of a young Slytherin. Please leave reviews if you like it! I love to read them.
  • It's a Long Road From Here

    I took the old version down because I wasn't happy with it's style and some chapters were rushed to get them up on time. I've also been busy with University work. I will do my best to upload every Sunday - around this time!
  • It's a Long Road from Here

    Nina Roe is ecstatic to start her first year at Hogwarts, to meet new friends, learn new spells and hopefully be sorted into the same House as her brother and follow in her families footsteps as being another in a long line of Ravenclaw's. But the Sorting Hat has other ideas, and it's choice could dictate the rest of her life.