Bird in Blue

  • Behind Brown Eyes

    As brown eyes met blue, Maggie could not help but wonder - how had she gone from hating Charlie Weasley's guts for the better part of a decade to suddenly feeling weak at the knees around him after only one dance?
  • Annie, Are you OK?

    Charlie Weasley had it all. Loving family. Good grades. Close friends. The social status every boy wants. A promising career in Dragonology. Everything. But, in truth, there was on the Charlie did not have. The girl of his dream. Annie Ainsworth. However, it's hard to get the girl when the girl hates your guts... Rubbish summary, sorry.
  • Gods and Monsters

    In the Land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel...' They say the future is set. No changing it, no matter how horrible it may be. A young mutant with the ability to predict these events joins the X-men to help to stop Sebastian Shaw. But she's hiding a dark secret that she must overcome. Having lived in isolation for years, will she be able to overcome the barriers in her way?