r o w e n a a a

  • Lost but never found

    Daphne having been killed at the battle of Hogwarts has been reincarnated as James Potters younger sister. She is determined to stay as far away from the war as possible, but a certain regulus black seems to have others plans.
  • A mother's love

    Narcissa Malfoy was ready to be a mother, or so she thought. Draco, while her pride and joy, made her want to curl into herself and cry in front of the whole ballroom. Or Narcissa becomes the very person she wished to never be.
  • Evil little witch

    Andromeda Black stared cautiously at her younger cousin. His eyes peered drol under his long fringe, she resisted the urge to squirm. "Your boyfriend has dirty blood." he smirked, the expression did not fit his face, "what would grandfather say?"
  • Baby Harry's Game

    The moment lord Voldemort casted his wand on young Harry Potter and uttered the words of the killings curse, a strange occurrence happened. The young baby was gone, in his place was a plate of treacle tart. Or baby Harry plays a game of hide and seek with Voldemort.
  • Princess

    Rose Potter was doll. A pretty doll to be used and manipulated. To be sculpted into the perfect killer. Tom Riddle was going to use her to the best of his ability. Fem!Harry Manipulated!Harry FemHarry/Tom?
  • Lively Demon

    Born the bastard son of Sirus Black Delphinus had been abandoned at his dear uncles doorstep. Unfortunately for him he was the heir to a family who would use him for everything and anything. And thus started the life of the greatest(or worse) politician in wizarding history.
  • Dear Marlene

    A letter from Sirius to Marlene. Implied Sirius/Marlene.
  • Slytherin speech

    Look at the title.
  • Memories

    Gorge looks at seven old pictures with his son Fred Jr.
  • Dear Harry

    Petunia's writes a letter to Harry.
  • I'm sorry Lily

    Petunia and Lily
  • Savior

    To some insanity is a savior. Read as Nico falls in Mania's realm.
  • Is it better? Perhaps

    An epilogue of sorts to my story I deserve this don't I? Obviously a sequel to I deserve this don't I?
  • The poor heir of the Antient House of Black

    In which Regulus is constantly escaping death and assassinations from all manner of relatives, friends, and enemies. Regulus Black was not one to be loved it seemed.
  • Love less, smile more

    Maybe it was that queer look in the young followers eyes that attracted him at first. When he realizes something disturbing about the young man that kneeled before him Tom Riddle decided that Regulas Black is far more useful dedicated to him than against him. He starts to take extreme measures in order to get complete compliance...
  • My dear, why have you betrayed us?

    When Sirius was sorted into Gryffindor in his first year it affected his life greatly and the course he took...but what about his family? A small one shot showing his brother and cousins reaction to being sorted into the "wrong," house. In true Slytherin fashion they penned their thoughts and kept to themselves their true opinion.
  • I deserve this Dont I?

    Harry is thrown into Azkaban, for the murder of his aunt, uncle, and cousin. Here is his time in Azkaban. Through the years. 5 chapters!
  • The boy who changed

    Katniss likes to think of Peeta as the boy who changed.
  • The letter

    Nico's most prized possession is surprisingly a letter. But from who it's from is what makes it special.
  • Holloween challenge

    Just a Holloween challenge. Details are inside.