• Life As He Knows It

    Harry had a normal childhood. Then one day he reads a letter from Severus Snape. His life ultimately changes after meeting the Potions Master, and together they discover secrets that will rock the Wizarding World. An AU. Contains: Slyththerin! Harry; manipulative! evil! Dumbledore; Weasley, Granger, and Dumbles bashing; good! nice! Petunia. And Snarry. More in AN.
  • A Beautiful Happiness

    Harry comes home after Fifth Year to more surprises than he anticipated. It all started when he met a new and improved Vernon at the train station. Vernon learns that Harry himself has some surprising secrets for him. Slash Harry/Vernon.
  • No Longer Invisible

    Ron who has been invisible all is life is suddenly surprise when one person actually sees him and wants to be with him. So he protects Harry with all that he has. Harry latches on to the one person who loves him and keeps him safe when no else ever has before. And together along the way they fall in love. Slash. Trans!Harry/Ron. Don't Like Don't Read.
  • Harry's Birthday

    Harry's long ago birthday wish finally comes true. Slash, Harry/Bill. Don't Like Don't Read
  • Neville's Gift

    Neville gets the gift that keeps giving. And he has Draco to thank for it. Slash. Don't Like Don't Read.
  • Being Married

    The sequel to Being Happy. Vernon and Harry's life of marriage and pregnancy. Slash, Don't Like Don't Read.
  • A Gift of Freedom

    Dudley and Harry celebrate Dudley's birthday. Slash, Incest. Don't Like, Don't Read
  • Surprise Birthday

    Harry has a surprise for Draco's birthday, but has a surprise of his own. Slash. Don't like Don't read.
  • Daddy's Girl

    Harry wanted to be a girl, Vernon was okay with that. Petunia left them and took Dudley. After a while Harry develops feelings for Vernon and wants to be Daddy's Girl. Harry does everything possible to show Vernon that she can be a good one and that she can replace Petunia in Vernon's life, heart and eventually his bed.
  • Celebration Continues

    The long awaited sequel to Midnight Celebration. Harry and Dudley are closer than ever and along the way they learn a few surprising things. Takes place almost a year after their first night. Slash HP/DD, LV/RaL.
  • Changing the Course of Fate

    Harry becomes a brash Gryffindor by taking a time turner and changing the course of fate. Slash and Mpreg, HP/SB RL/SS
  • Being Happy

    It started out as a distraction for Harry. For Vernon it was just for the sex Harry was offering. Along the way they fell in love and formed a plan to keep being happy. Slash and Smut with a Plot. As mentioned in the A/N-If you don't like the pairing don't read the damn story.
  • Kinktober Day 9

    Harry and Blaise have some sinful fun in Blaise's home gym. Slash
  • Kinktober Day 8

    Severus confronts Sirius after the prank James did that cost him his friendship with Lily.
  • Kinktober Day 4

    A lazy day turns into kinky fuckery. Slash FW/HP/GeW
  • Why Didn't You Tell Me

    Harry and Draco have a romantic movie worthy moment in the rain. Slash HP/DM. Drabble
  • Midnight Celebration

    Harry wanted to celebrate his birthday in a different more fun way. Slash. HP/DD. Warning and Tags inside.
  • The Best Birthday

    It started out with the best birthday present and ended with the perfect night. Neville couldn't have asked for more at that moment. Slash NL/BZ
  • Show Me

    It all start with a letter to Percy.
  • Behind the Mask

    Harry gets invited to the Malfoy masked ball. He goes and enjoys himself more than he expected to. For Lady Giovanna Potter Malfoy's Masquerade Challenge.