• Moonlight Madness

    An escaped convict and a secretive friend. Neville's third year at Hogwarts starts off with a secret held by the adults in their life, as well as a "rat" in the castle. Will the secret be revealed before it's too late? Sequel to "Hand of Fate" and "What Lies Beneath" AU to the HP universe.
  • What Lies Beneath

    Sequel to "Hand of Fate" Neville and the gang enter Year 2 at Hogwarts. What challenges will they face this year?
  • Hand of Fate

    The prophecy allowed Voldemort to choose his own destroyer, but he didn't realize that it applied to two boys. What if Neville had been chosen instead of Harry as the Boy Who Lived? The first chapter is a prologue. That is why it is so short. This is an AU where Neville is featured as the main character instead of Harry.
  • A Chance Meeting

    A chance meeting between Atem and Joey brings a new romance. But will the fact that a secret that Atem is keeping threaten to break up this new budding romance? This is a late birthday gift for Arashi Wolf Princess One Shot Atem x Joey