• The Flying Princess

    King Ted and Queen Andromeda of the family Tonks want to have a child so badly they seek the help of woods witch. The only thing the witch asks in return is to be made the child's godmother. But she knows the agreement is a lie even before it is told. She puts the child under a curse to sleep under a time looped eternal sleep until awakened with true love's kiss. But who is her tru

  • Painting Hufflepuff

    Rowena is an aspiring artist. Helga really wants a portrait painted and she knows that Rowena is the right person for the job.

  • Ending With a Bang

    A funeral is held for all those who died during the Battle of Hogwarts. But Fred and George had one last plan up their sleeve to make the event even more memorable if one of them died.

  • Live to Steal Another Day

    Robin Hood!AU. Edgar Bones learns the hard way that one should always live to steal another day.

  • A Quest of Dungeons and Dragons

    Ted Tonks and Edgar Bones teach Andromeda Black how to play Dungeons and Dragons.

  • A Cake Full of Surprises

    Hannah Longbottom has a huge surprise for her husband Neville and she chooses a rather creative way to present it to him.

  • Badger Badgersworth Mascot of Hufflepuff

    The story of how one badger became the mascot of Hufflepuff house.

  • Last Day in Pompeii

    Pompeii!AU. The normal chirping of birds was missing the morning of the disaster waking me from a deep sleep. My mother had always told me that animals were the first to know when something dangerous was going to happen. They showed that knowledge in different ways and one of those was to pull away from familiar patterns and every day.

  • Schoolhood Soulmates

    Soulmate/Muggle!AU. In a world where all you can see before you meet your soulmate is shades of grey, black, and white, Victorie Weasley meets hers in the most unexpected of places. Kindergarten.

  • Honest Dishonesty

    Hannah Abbott must come up with the quickest lie she has ever come up with in her life when she is caught pilfering through Professor Slughorn's ingredients cabinet late at night by Professor Carrow. That and pray that Professor Slughorn will keep her dishonesty honest.

  • Sleeping Pandora

    Fairytale/Sleeping Beauty!AU. The story of a Princess who wants the freedom to choose her own path and the horrible events that led up to her getting her wish.

  • A Tryst in the Rain

    Harry has a chance encounter with a good-looking stranger while hiking in the woods during a rainy day.

  • Beating the Heat

    What do you do when a spring day feels more like summer? Marlene and her friends discuss their options on one their last weeks at school during their sixth year.

  • Waiting For Forgiveness

    Marvolo Gaunt learns that forgiveness can be given to anyone even if it's not deserved.

  • Marry Me

    Will an accident involving one of the Half-Blood Prince's made-up spells make Kingsley see his stance on going public with his and Harry's relationship is wrong? Or will they forever remain in the closet?

  • Then There Was Apple

    Draco meets a fascinating young lady during a ball held by some of his parents' friends. Will this be the start of a beautiful relationship or just another blip on the stage that is Draco's life?

  • Give and Take

    Different House trope. Harry allows his jealousy to bring out his most inner Slytherin and gets some surprising results from it.

  • Darkest Soldiers

    Voldemort Wins/1984!AU. No one noticed when the Dark Lord's takeover went into effect. Not the Muggles or the wizards who fought to protect them. But then again that had been his plan from the beginning of this whole thing. To start small and to make sure that no one knew what had happened until it was too late to do anything about it.

  • To Forgive a Witch

    Fairytale/Snow White!AU. Forgiveness is a dish best served warm and in front of people. A fact that Hermione Granger, Princess of Allcastle, teaches Prince Severus of Spinner's End when she forgives the wife and child of the usurper king James Potter.

  • The Prankster's Last Gift

    A sweater's journey of self-discovery, that eventually lead to it finding a new home.