• Jailbird Love

    Muggle!AU, Cops and Robbers!AU. Marlene McKinnon, has been wrongly accused of bank fraud. The perpetrator was her ex-boyfriend Sirius Black. But when a certain local sheriff finds Marlene at the grocery store will she find love? How will this couple be able to be together, and will they get caught? Will Marlene find love with the sheriff, or heartbreak?
  • Everything She Wanted

    Padma Patil was feeling pretty down when her boyfriend of three years Terry Boot broke up with her. But when someone unexpected sits down next her will her heart begin to heal? Will Hannah Abbott be everything she wants and needs, or is Padma's heart destined to break again?
  • Tale as Old as Time

    Beauty and the Beast!AU. Oliver Wood is a spoiled rotten prince who makes the mistake of being rude to the disguised prince of the Weasley kingdom. But what happens when Prince Fred curses Oliver to be a beast until he can find someone to love and love him in return? Will Oliver find love with his new prisoner, or will be stuck as a horrible beast for the rest of his life?
  • The Love of a Healer

    Assassin!AU. Lily Evans is one of the best assassins that the Order of the Phoenix has. She's never failed in a job that she's been given. That is until now. Dorcas Meadows is a young healer who believes that speaking to her patients helps them. Even the unconscious ones. But will Dorcas be able to help Lily believe in herself again? And has Lily found love with the healer?
  • Sleeping Rowena

    Sleeping Beauty!AU. When the kingdom of Hogwarts throw their annual Yule Ball, they invite everyone. Everyone that is except for the fairy queen Gunnhild of Nevermore. But what happens when Gunnhild takes a page out of a certain other fairy's book and places a cursed spinning wheel in Hogwarts castle? Will Rowena find her true love's kiss, or will she sleep forever?
  • Art Gallery Confessions

    Slight AU! Regulus lives. Regulus Black is finally getting his dream come true. He has a wonderful boyfriend, Evan Rosier. He's doing his dream job. Being an artist. He's even getting his own exhibit in the newest poshest art gallery in Diagon Alley. He has everything he wants in life. Could it get better than this?
  • Herbology Lovers

    Poppy Pomfrey spends the day with her girlfriend Pomona Sprout in the Herbology greenhouses.
  • Her Poison Apple

    Fairytale!AU/Snow White!AU. Pansy Parkinson had always been considered the fairest in the land. With her long raven hair, big dark grey eyes, and lashes that anyone would kill for. She had always been considered the most prettiest woman in any room she was in.
  • Movie Night Confessions

    Pansy Parkinson feels that her girlfriend Hermione Granger can find someone better than her. But Hermione helps her learn that she shouldn't be so hard on herself. All the things she's done are in the past.
  • Coffee and Mistletoe

    Marlene McKinnon has just broken up with her boyfriend of four year, Sirius Black. So she is surprised when Molly Prewett asks her out on a date to a coffee shop. Going on the date Marlene feels that there is something strong between her and Molly. But will Molly agree to continue going out with her? Or will she go back to her ex Arthur?
  • Yule Ball Confessions

    Fabian Prewett has had a crush on James Potter since the day they met. But what he doesn't know is that James Potter has had a crush on him too. What happens when they both confess at the Yule Ball? Will they find love, or will they go their separate ways with other people?
  • St Mungo's Mistletoe

    Lavender Brown has been in St. Mungo's long enough to know the holiday traditions. Also long enough to know all the places they hide the mistletoe.
  • Bride Gifts and Trouble

    Norse Mythology!AU. When someone steals the hammer of Bill, the god of thunder, he must come up with a plan to get it back. But when the plan to get the missing hammer back includes dressing as the bride of a giant's son named Oliver, will Bill be able to pull it off? Will Bill get his hammer? Will he get revenge on everyone? And most of all will he allow Oliver to get away unharme
  • Once in a Lifetime

    Dudley Dursley meets the girl of his dreams at his cousin Harry's wedding, in the form of Luna Lovegood. But will opposites attract? And will spell a happy ending for all involved, or end in despair?
  • A Celebration of Life

    AU! During the celebration after the Battle of Hogwarts Harry confesses his feelings for Ron the only way he knows how. But how will Ron respond? Will he say yes or no?
  • Meeting Mr Black

    Single Parent!AU/Muggle!AU. When Lily and James Potter get divorced their young son Harry starts to act out. But what is making him act out? Will school principal Regulus Black, and Harry's mother be able to find out? Also what will Lily say when Regulus ask her out on a date to discuss the situation? Gift fic for Sammy. I hope you enjoy!
  • Tickle Cheat

    Oliver and Marcus are playing the weekly game night boardgame. What happens when Marcus finds a new way to cheat? Will laughter and fun abound, or the game end in anger?
  • George's Love

    George Weasley has spent a year and a half after his brother's death slowly falling in love with Fred's girlfriend, Angelina Johnson. But will Angelina returns George's feelings, or will he be left heart broken?
  • Paradise Lost

    When her husband Scorpius cheats on her, Rose Weasley turns to the only people she still trust. Her family.
  • Photographs

    Hannah Longbottom thinks of creative way to her husband Neville she's expecting their first child. But will Neville be happy about the impending arrival, or will it go up in flames?