• First Day Blues

    Andromeda Black's first day of her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • The Most Important Meal

    A shared love of cooking brings about an important confession for Audrey and her girlfriend Penelope Clearwater.
  • Hermione The Virgin

    Hermione Jean Granger always knew one thing in her entire life and that is that she would never settle. She'd told herself this all her life, or at least as far as she remembers that is. Especially not in the love department. (A Jane the Virgin!AU)
  • The James Potter Files

    A collections of stories featuring James Potter at his best. The first chapter is James/Regulus. The next chapter will be Jily. Multiple Pairings for this one.
  • Run Boy Run

    When Voldemort takes over the Ministry of Magic the changes he and his people enact are slight at first. But Ted Tonks sees the writing on the wall and makes a plan with Dean. A plan to find safety for themselves and people like them. So they go on the road in a search to find safety and hopefully not get caught by the Snatchers. Will they succeed or will they fail?
  • Drive Me Crazy

    When Marlene McKinnon's boyfriend Sirius Black leaves her for Remus Lupin she and James Potter make up a crazy harebrained scheme to Sirius, and James's ex jealous. But will they end up falling in love along the way? Or will they end up with their exes yet again? Based off the movie Drive Me Crazy.
  • The New Olympians

    When a tragedy befalls the occupants of Mount Olympus, a betrayal of one of their own, and the gods and goddesses in charge are all killed except Apollo who will be charge. A new set of gods and goddesses, along with Apollo, will assume the rolls left empty by this heinous crime. But will another betrayal rock the new gods and goddesses world, or will things continue as usual?
  • Every Breath You Take

    Edgar Bones knows something horrible has happened when he all sudden loses his breath. When he finds out that in that moment he felt the sudden death of his fiancee Fabian Prewett he thinks this is possibly the end of his world. Then he remember the prototype he's working on. A Time Turner that could bring him the person he wants more than anything. His Fabian.
  • Along Came Blaise

    Theodore Nott is one of safest men in human history. But when he meets adventurous Blaise Zabini after a break up will his safe little world change forever. Or will a face from his past keep him trapped in place.
  • Arianna's Crush

    Albus Dumbledore isn't the only Dumbledore with feelings for Gellert Grindelwald when he first comes to Godric's Hollow. Arianna Dumbledore forms a crush on her brother's friend the first time she meets him. Written for Marauder Map Madness, and Build a Zoo on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • Rocket Men

    Will a journey into space, as the first wizards to go, change everything for Teddy Lupin, and Fred Weasley II? Or will things stay the same as they've always been.
  • Don't Stop Me Now

    Sirius Black is getting married to Marlene McKinnon in a few days. That is if a surprise reunion with his ex-lover Remus Lupin doesn't change everything.
  • Kidnapping the Minster's Lover

    Oliver Wood is in love with Percy Weasley, the newly elected Minister of Magic. But what happens when Oliver is kidnapped by a familiar face from Hogwarts? Will he slowly start to fall for this man? Or will he go back to Percy and continue the life he used to know.
  • Going Back to the Start

    Harry, Ron, and Hermione start a small support group for people involved in the Second Wizarding War. Hannah Abbott and her friend Daphne Greengrass are among the people who are part of the group. Daphne tells the story of how she met Hannah during one of the group's meetings. Warnings for mentions of canon based torture.
  • Gazing at Perfection

    Justin Finch Fletchly asks Neville Longbottom on a stargazing date.
  • Potions Tutor

    Lily Evans had no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to help Professor Slughorn out by tutor one his trouble students. She was pretty sure she wasn't expect Bellatrix Black. Not in the least.
  • Dirty Little Secret

    Kingsley Shacklebolt has a dirty little secret he's not willing tell anyone. But will he be forced to tell his secret to someone when his secret lover threatens to break up with him?
  • Deal with a Beautiful Devil

    When James Potter makes a deal with Regulus to help get into the Auror training program he never dream anything would come of it. But when Regulus shows up and comes to collect will James go quietly? Or will everything he's worked hard to get in his life fall apart?
  • Birthday Wishes

    Albus Potter helps Scorpius Malfoy celebrate his birthday.
  • Unexpected Romance on the Beach

    While at a party at Shell Cottage Harry Potter begins an unexpected romance with someone no one would ever expect. His brother-in-law Bill Weasley.