• James Potter Year 2 - The Hogwarts Invaders

    James Potter feels more confident in his second year, now he knows who his friends and enemies truly are; but little does he know that forces outside of his knowledge are preparing to invade Hogwarts, and send the entire magical world into chaos.

  • Uncharted: Into The Multiverse

    Nathan Drake was looking forward to his most relaxing birthday in decades; however on the night before his big day, he was attacked by an assassin from another dimension. Now Nate has to explore ancient Greece, Japanese islands, fantasy worlds, cartoony worlds, the post apocalypse and many other worlds in order to rescue the multiverse from a looming fate.

  • James Potter Year One - The Traitor Of Gryffindor

    James Potter takes immense pride from being the son of Harry Potter, the most famous wizard in Britain. He intends to live up to his father's name, however things take a turn for the worst when Gryffindor house is under attack. Not from a Slytherin, or a vengeful teacher; but from somebody within Gryffindor house itself.

  • Albus Potter and the Muggle born Rebellion

    Albus Potter begins his first year at Hogwarts, and whilst things seem peaceful for the time being, Albus soon finds himself swarmed by enemies who will do anything to make his Hogwarts life a misery, as Hogwarts soon finds itself being made fit for muggle borns.