Redhead and proud

  • We'll Go Down In History

    The world of The Triwizard Tournament returns to Hogwarts, and Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy and their friends are swept directly into the middle of the storm that follows. The two best friends are forced to encounter challenges, romances, legacies and deadly threats. Will the two boys defeat history, or will it take them down?

  • Ice and Fire

    Natasha and Clint, now romantically involved, return to the Avengers Tower after the fall of SHIELD to train Phoenix, a girl with powerful abilities, who struggles to face the horrors of her past. When a dangerous threat emerges The Avengers must ally with their old enemy Loki to stop them. Loyalties and beliefs are put to test in the battle of Ice and Fire. Sequel to Love and Fire

  • History comes back: The Next Gen Series 2

    It's their sixth year at Hogwarts for Rose, Scorpius, Albus and Brittany, but things don't exactly go to plan. History comes back again and this time it's even more dangerous. An old competition mixed with new competitors may prove their toughest challenge yet as the four friends battle it out against new enemies and try to differentiate between foe and friend.

  • History is Made: The Next Gen Series 3

    After six years of schooling it all comes down to this. Rose, Scorpius, Albus and Brittany start their final year at Hogwarts. Usually most students wouldn't have time for anything other than studying in their seventh year, but the four famed kids find a way to liven things up with romance and pranks, all while facing a strange mystery and unanswered questions.

  • History doesn't matter: The Next Gen 1

    Rose Weasley is starting Hogwarts and everything was going great until she met Scorpius Malfoy. Will she find herself getting too close to the son of Draco Malfoy.