• The Path Continues

    Sequel to A New Path. Picks up three months after the end of A New Path. New opportunities arise for Luna that causes Harry to have to return to his old path. Now another person is also added to the journey. Will them and everything come between Harry and Luna's engagement or will they make it through?

  • Winds Of Change

    After receiving life changing news from Bill and Harry has a revelation about Ginny and the other Weasleys, they turn to each other for comfort and healing. As they get closer more changes take place all around them and in their lives. The only thing that doesn't change is the impending danger that will follow. Weasley bashing happens, rated T for now

  • Phoenix

    AU story taking place in OotP Phoenix is an Auror&has a family with Tonks. Until Death Eaters take his memories of his family&himself. To help him try to remember, he is hired at Hogwarts&tasked by the Order to protect Harry&help stop Voldemort. Will he eventually remember? What will he discover about himself? Will Harry succeed with his help? Rated T for violence&suggestive themes

  • Revelations

    After the fall of Voldemort, Harry wakes up in the Room of Requirement. Hermione says something to him that sparks a revelation for both of them. A year later, Their lives are changed by further revelations. How and in what way will their futures be affected? Rated T for Language, suggestive&adult subjects (Rating may change to M)

  • Revelations

    Harry regains consciousness during the battle of Hogwarts after having a dream that was the epilogue. After telling Hermione about it, she brings forth his revelation. Now Harry is ready to take control of his life while Hermione helps him&tries to make sense out of her own life. Was the dream a fluke or could there be more like i? What will the future hold? Rating may change to M.

  • Everything Unlikely

    After a chance encounter at the joke shop and a brief hangout, Fred finds himself falling for someone much younger and unexpected. Luna Lovegood. During this time of war will they blossom into a relationship and how will they keep going? Or is the timing too unfortunate with Voldemort's stranglehold on the Wizarding World? Only one way to find out. Rated T for suggestive themes

  • A Written Confession

    After Molly Weasley's unexpected death, her diary is found and a major truth is revealed. A truth that would hurt everyone and change the course for others. What will the aftermath be of this discovery.

  • Through The Glass

    This is a one shot that is inspired by the Stone Sour song, "Through The Glass." This is slight A/U based and takes place after the Battle Of Hogwarts when Harry is trying to come to grips with his feelings.

  • A New Path

    When everything falls apart and becomes too much, Harry takes a sudden vacation to somewhere he's never been and runs into the last person he expected to see. What happens after an all night conversation and abandoning all his senses? Rated T for adult themes and language

  • Second Chances

    After Hermione and Ron return from their Honeymoon, Harry acts on his feelings and both his and Hermiones marriages become complicated. This goes back and forth between both their P.O.V.'s as they try and figure out if they will do what is right or what will make them happy. Rated T for language&some adult situations

  • Life Changes&Revelations

    4 Years after the summer of Dear Johnny, The quartet has completed their Sophomore year of high school and now a new person in the Gaslight Edition will bring some big changes and revelations in the lives of the quartet of friends. But who will be effected the most? Rated T for language and some adult situations

  • The Past Returns

    Three years after the Genetic Opera that went awry, Amber is in full power of GeneCo. Her power will be threatened when faces from the past return. One of them could possibly remove her from power. Will they succeed? You'll have to read and see

  • Phoenix

    Arriving to Hogwarts with a task at hand&being given another with it, destiny leads Phoenix on a journey to something greater while giving to&receiving guidance from Harry Potter during his battle to stop the Dark Lord. This follows Phoenix from his arrival to Hogwarts&his task of helping Harry Beginning just after the train arrives in Order Of The Phoenix. BASED ON THE MOVIES!