• The seemingly insignificant problem

    Hermione Granger's body is changing and it's not normal, yet many dissmiss it as magic. Follow Hermione as she is trying to understand what it actually means.
  • The Obscure Path to The Past

    Takes place after the Cursed Child. Hermione Granger decides that being the Minister of Magic is not good for her. She tries to get out, but it's not simple. There are forces who want to prevent that from ever happening and they will do all they can to stop her.
  • Magic and Might

    Hermione Granger has to play a dangerous game and as her parents are kept as hostages. she has to help Draco in killing Albus Dumbledore. As Draco and Hermione proceed they notice tiny little facts that show them the greater plans of the dark side. There will be new characters. INCEST AND RAPE ARE A PART OF STORY be warned . English is my 2nd language. forgive mistakes.