• Hogwarts Mystery Chronicles Part 2

    After Rowan's death, Hogwarts student Claire Krystal decides to form the Circle of Khanna with her remaining friends in order to find the last Cursed Vault and confront Rakepick along with the evil cabal known as 'R'. Will contain chapters that were previously on Hogwarts Mystery Chronicles as well as new ones as the mobile app game continues.

  • Hogwarts Mystery Chronicles

    Claire Krystal is a new student at Hogwarts, but she's less concerned about studying and more interested in finding her brother and the Cursed Vaults he was expelled for trying to find. But as she and her friends quickly discover, the Vaults are more dangerous than they seem. Based on the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile app game.

  • Lord of the Bombs

    Essentially a reinterpretation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the universe of Team Fortress 2, but this story takes place in the far future after RED vs. BLU and Mann vs. Machine. While the technologies of the past have declined, there is still magic, and a few weapons remain as well.

  • Otakuland

    Anna-May Otaku loves anime and manga, but her mother disapproves and she has no friends. Then one day, she is spirited away to Otakuland, a place where all the anime and manga characters exist, and is thrust into a tournament along with seven other otakus to determine who will be the next Otaku King, who has the power to cancel one manga in the real world.