• His & Hers

    Two star-crossed lovers caught in between an ongoing house rivalry that has dated back for centuries. Slytherins versus Gryffindors. Rosie Anh, sister to Slytherin elite falls for a Lion, and she falls hard. She can only hope that he secretly feels the same way. (Shortened synopsis)

  • Love Is Love

    Take a peek into the life of Luna Asahina, the twin sister of Louis. After getting back into contact with Louis after running away from home several years ago, Luna is invited to Miwa's wedding. Luna is back to fix the mess she made, but little did she know of the surprises waiting in store for her.

  • My Blood Sister

    (In the midst of re-editing) Imagine, Louis having a twin sister. Her name is Eileen Asahina. She is at the age of 22, happens to be very successful. Due to past conflicts, she left Japan and the Asahina family at a young age. Now she has come back, new and different. Even though Miwa and Rintarou are getting married, that isn't really the reason why she came back.

  • The Golden Quad

    What if Harry Potter had another close friend he made in his first year. On their way to potions they run into Malfoy, it seems as if he knew her. Though she definitely didn't know him. At their Transfiguration class they end up having to work together until the Triwizard Tournament is over. Cedric Diggory has certainly has an eye on her. MalfoyxOC