• To Tame The Storm

    AU A not-so-evil Bellatrix Lestrange is involuntarily admitted to St. Mungo's Mind Healer Ward. CW mental illness, forced hospitalization and treatment For THC

  • A Flower By Any Other Name

    Lily is working on a spell for a test tomorrow, but it isn't going so well. For THC.

  • Memento Mori et Medicinae

    for IWSC: Reporter Nymphie Leskettier is trying to get the next big story, when she decides to interview former Minister Hermione Weasley. She'd never guess where it leads...

  • Draco The Shrew

    Ginny Weasley has to read a book she doesn't want to, but never dreamed she'd have her own theatrical romcom moment... AU, written for IWSC.

  • The Snapdragon's Gardener

    Remus encounters a mysterious off-duty auror, who asks him to a certain bar. What happens next, he could have hardly expected.

  • Sally the Cerberus

    For IWSC; Harry and Blaise have a special (DARK!harry) plan

  • The Making of a Metamorphagus

    Nymphadora wasn't always known as the bubbly Metamorphmagus we met in the books. In fact, her early life was far darker than her adult self might lead one to believe… (AU in terms of timeline) TW: transphobia, abuse Nothing graphic, rated T just to be on the safe side.

  • Well, well, Dolly?

    Dolly was a a tense little girl, happiest when Father came home from his work to visit. Sadly, this was seldom the case...

  • The Black Dog and the Wolf

    Marauders as young adults, mildly au. Remus, DADA teacher, is bored and out of his depth at the dull and pretentious holiday donors' banquet for Hogwarts, when an unexpected visitor shakes up the night.

  • Totally Not Socks

    For The Houses Competition: Over the years, Albus Dumbledore has gone to the Mirror of Erised when in times of desperation. He saw many things there, but never was it just socks...

  • Lycanthropes Over Turnips

    For The Houses Competition Sirius Black has never been so bored in his life when it comes to making turnips in transfiguration. Trying to pass a note to Remus doesn't go as planned, though.

  • Love In The Time of Plague

    -For IWSC- The 1918 Influenza has wrought havoc in the Muggle communities of Britain, and has posed a threat to the Magical community as well, though it is far more easily treated by Wizards. This is the story of two lovers who find themselves at a crossroads of disease and death, in a time of great need for healers Magical and Muggle alike.

  • The Mysterious Box of Kelpius the Great

    International Wizarding School Contest-year 6- Exchange Student: A mysterious item is produced and ordered to be destroyed by a cult leader-a secret wizard wizard- in the New World in the 1600s. What was this item, and where does it end up?

  • The Villains' Club

    Multiverse Drabble Series... On weekends, the villains of the multiverse meet to unwind and relax at the height of debauchery...or is it? Can so many villains in one room go over too well? Badguys include: Crowley from Supernatural, Dr. Who's The Master, and Voldemort from Harry Potter, and more!

  • The Muggles from Kansas

    Sam and Dean are staking out strange happenings in a small town in the English countryside when they unexpectedly encounter the Wizarding world, where things work quite differently than they are used to. HP is AU sometime after the events of Deathly Hallows.

  • Stranger Things and Unfamiliar Faces

    Discontinued-If you want to adopt it, PM me. The Doctor is flying in the Tardis when he gets an unexpected message that shouldn't have been able to reach him. When he lands to investigate, he's surprised to learn where it came from.

  • Triwing

    After being released from the Institute in Manhattan by the Flock, a group of 3 recombinant teens find themselves struggling to survive on their own. Things get a lot worse for them when the Winchesters become suspicious. Maximum Ride OCs, both fandoms somewhat AU in terms of timescale, living characters and universe overlap.

  • Blood and Secrets

    Discontinued. Olivia Dunham goes to work for the White Tower as an independent investigator. Things get complicated when she starts sniffing around leads that don't add up to what Price says, and dangerous truths emerge.

  • Bloodlust

    Dexter is thrust into the unfamiliar territory of the Winchesters, where he finds the lines between reality and fantasy, and monster, hunter and killer blur. Spoilers: This happens after the end of the series Dexter, and so contains major spoilers for all significant events. Rating for violence, blood and full range of swearing as seen in Dexter.

  • Not Just A Box

    Sam is sitting in the Impala, parked in a desolate field when a madman with a blue box appears from nowhere. He and Dean grapple with what to do with this 'impossible man' who understands the most improbable of things, including their deepest secrets.