• Guardian

    Bill Weasley's world starts spinning out of his control when he is told his parents are dead. Now the guardian of 5 of his young siblings, two of which have not even started Hogwarts, he is unsure of where his life is going. How will the Weasley's cope with the loss of their parents? How will this effect Harry Potter? AU rewrite

  • A Family in Time

    Through an unfortunate accident, Harry and his children, James and Lily, find themselves back in time before the Second Wizardry War starts. With no way back they grieve the lost of the life they once knew while building a new one amidst familiar faces. Harry finds it difficult to balance his childhood adventures and his own children in a world he knows is slowly falling apart.

  • Meddling with Time: Weasley Edition

    A scream. Pain. Numbness. Nothing. Fred wasn't sure what he expected when death took him but he did not expect to find himself standing in front of a simmering aging potion once again trying to enter his name in the Triwizard Tournament. Time-travel fic (Longer summary on my profile) slow-burn F/H.

  • Finding Normal

    War changes people. When everything you once knew is gone how do you continue? Hogwarts may be in ruins but it's easy to rebuild stone and mortar. How do you rebuild relationships? Rebuild government? Rebuild the world you once knew? How do you find a new normal? - many points of views and relationships. H/G will be the most focused.