• How I Wonder

    Twinkle, twinkle little star. Or, how Scorpius Malfoy got his name. Oneshot, MC4 submission.
  • Bonfires to Swingsets

    Teddy knows Victoire well—so well that this change is scary and disorienting. He knows that going from campfire to the old swing won't erase what happened, but if he can pretend that everything is normal, maybe it will be. Oneshot.
  • Lost Child Prevention 101

    Every day, Harry becomes more familiar with the logistical hurdles of bringing a shapeshifting kindergartener out in public. Oneshot.
  • Riddle Me This

    From the very first riddle they faced together, Scorpius could tell that sloppy, lazy, laissez-faire, smart aleck Al was, for all intents and purposes, a terrible Ravenclaw. But to Scorpius' eternal frustration, they're making it work. Oneshot.
  • Correction Notice

    After years of back-and-forth quips and jabs, old habits die hard for Potter and Evans. Oneshot.
  • Twenty-Eight Days

    Day one was the most terrifying, exciting, exhausting, and overall incredible day of Teddy Lupin's life. The twenty-seven days after that, baby in hand, were like a dream. Oneshot.
  • Tonight Won't Hurt

    When Oliver Woods realizes that his little cousin's been bitten by one of Greyback's pack and that his family's turned away from her, there's only one person he can think of turning to. Oneshot.
  • Powder Keg Hearts

    There's pros and cons to having a child as easy to read as Seamus (arson being the largest inconvenience). Oneshot.
  • More Than Enough

    On the morning of the Battle of Hogwarts' Tenth Anniversary Commemoration, Harry needs to be reminded that the world is not for him to carry. Oneshot.
  • The Time It Takes

    It's becoming increasingly clear that Angelina's road after the Battle of Hogwarts has no clear end in sight. Katie and Alicia aren't Healers, but Angelina wouldn't have it (or them) any other way. Oneshot.
  • Memories Not Needed

    Seamus knows that he's putting Dean at risk simply by keeping his memory alive during his seventh year at Hogwarts. This brings him to a very difficult choice. Oneshot.
  • Not All Poison Kills

    While sorting through the magical relics and artefacts of Grimmauld Place, Sirius stumbled upon a rare chance to see his old friends once more. The price, for now, does not matter much. Oneshot.
  • A Good Place

    Harry picks up his godson for a birthday lunch and realises just how big of an impact Teddy is making on the world. Oneshot.
  • Favourite Patient

    Poppy Pomfrey had never taken care of a werewolf until this little boy wandered into her life and grew up before her. Oneshot.
  • Between the World and Me

    Sirius' death broke Remus' heart into a thousand pieces, but maybe it doesn't have to shatter his whole life. Oneshot. Turn Right Instead of Left AU.
  • Beating Clocks

    Remus' absolute worst nightmare at the moment was missing the birth of his son. Of course, he jinxed it. Oneshot.
  • A Head for Heights

    Remus watches the aerial artists and prays that they won't fall, without realising that that's exactly what's happening to him. Oneshot. Circus!AU
  • Mailbox

    Teddy Lupin has scraps of paper and bottles' worth of ink in his hands. The picture it conjures of his parents is, to say the least, difficult.
  • When They Come Pre-Bitten

    Remus has very good, hairy reasons for staying away from people. But perhaps those aren't as inmutable as he thought. Oneshot, Creature!AU
  • Ties That Bind

    Sitting in a pub in a Highlands, the solution to strenghten what the world seeks to break becomes obvious. Oneshot.