• Stretching Things Out

    Kingsley is worried about his best friend's quietude, but he has no idea what his intervention will reveal. Written for Romance Awareness Day 17: You have a limited number of words, and you can only recharge when you're with your soulmate (when you use up your word count, you die). Oneshot.
  • Seeing Words

    Maybe it isn't so much that James doesn't have a soulmate as much as he'll have to listen to them differently... Oneshot. Written for Romance Awareness Day 16: You are born with words on your arm which are the first words your soulmate says to you.
  • What Will Become of Us

    When Sirius falls behind the veil he had no idea that it would come with a choice to make: rest or try again. Oneshot. Written for Romance Awareness Day 15: Soulmates reincarnated.
  • Old Songs

    They had always dreamed of running away together, but now that their plans have had to move forward more quickly than expected, Ted worries about whether Andromeda has everything that she needs. Oneshot.
  • Blessings All Around

    When Harry comes over looking for something to do on a rare day off, Molly didn't mean to take advantage of the fact that he was trapped in her kitchen but... well, she had to ask at some point. Oneshot.
  • Stickiness

    Lily Evans could swear that she was living out the plot of her nightmares, but if this was truly just a dream she could ask the boy inexplicably glued to her to pinch her and it would all be over. Written for Romance Awareness Day 14: Once you meet your soulmate you're literally stuck to each other for the rest of the day. Oneshot.
  • Worth the Extra Work

    Alice and Frank have no idea why they're incapable of finishing this training drill—but maybe all that extra time spent cleaning at Mad-Eye's insistence will help them find answers. Oneshot. Written for Romance Awareness Day 13: Your soulmate is the only person who can't hurt you.
  • What Will Be Left to See

    Kingsley has refused to look in the mirror for the last three days, for fear of what he will or will not see. He does, however, know that he can't go much longer or much further without facing that reflection. Written for Romance Awareness Day 12: The reflection in the mirror is your soulmate's reflection.
  • No More Surprise

    Narcissa is determined not to be caught off-guard by goodbyes again. Years of experience and those she is closest to have taught her well. Oneshot.
  • Safe at Last

    It isn't until Harry is reunited with them, and with her, that the war really feels over. Oneshot.
  • In Need of Adventures

    Bill has good reason to doubt his girlfriend's intentions when she drags him into the most obscure sections of Flourish & Blotts that she can find, and to follow her for that matter. Boredom, however, is not one of them. Oneshot.
  • Rage

    Hope Lupin knows very little about this world of magic she married into, but she knows that there will be hell to pay as soon as she finds the person responsible for her son's injury. Her eventual target, however, was unexpected. Oneshot.
  • A Promise is a Promise

    Bellatrix Lestrange has survived the final battle, but with Teddy's life on the line Harry is determined not to let her walk free. AU. Oneshot.
  • Not Even If I Wanted To

    He knows she can't lie to him, but if Remus won't believe her even then... Tonks might have to let him walk away. Written for Romance Awareness Day 11: You cannot lie to your soulmate
  • The Longest Season

    Andromeda doesn't understand the strange magic that brings the garden to life every night, but she is thankful for the sanctuary it—and he—offer her. Written for Romance Awareness Day 10: You meet your soulmate in your dreams. Oneshot.
  • Anybody at All

    When Al starts feeling like their body and life are all wrong, turning to Teddy, who can do whatever he wants with his skin, seems like the best option. Oneshot.
  • This Time, A Lullaby

    As Harry struggles to put his youngest child to sleep, help and a song comes from an unexpected—but not altogether foreign—place. Oneshot.
  • The Timing's Not So Bad

    Ginny was so excited for her first day as a Holyhead Harpy... she should have known something would go horribly wrong. Written for Romance Awareness Day 9: When you turn a certain age (or on a certain day each year), you swap bodies with your soulmate for one day of the year.
  • A Waste of Tickets

    Teddy and Victoire have plenty of funfair tickets to spare, and he feels kind of bad that they laughed at the witch with the magic potion... Written for Romance Awareness Day 7: Casting a spell (or using a potion) to reveal your soulmate
  • Keeping Track of the Good

    Harry is very selective about how he remembers the war and which public appearances he accepts—but this one he couldn't even think of declining. Oneshot.