• These Lilies Are Mine

    The world has changed so much during the war that Harry longs to find something permanent. Even if that quest takes him to a tattoo shop, he'll fall back on the oldest constant in his life: love. Oneshot.

  • All Was Well

    Slice of life drabbles in which everyone lives, and by everyone I mean Remus and Tonks—who get to teach at Hogwarts, crack cold cases, and raise their son.

  • The Flowers Will Speak For Us

    It has been years since Andromeda and Ted Tonks have had to hide how in love they are, but with Voldemort in power they're driven apart again. Ted, however, doesn't intend to stop telling his wife how much he loves her every day. Oneshot.

  • Don't You Shake Alone

    The first time Teddy has colic, Harry is sure that he's done something wrong. Molly is even more certain that the boy just needs a walk, some reassurance, and a strong pot of coffee. Oneshot.

  • Goodbye And A Show

    If Walburga Black thinks her son is so unlovable, well... Euphemia Potter is happy to prove her wrong right on the train platform. Oneshot.

  • Your Turn To Carry The Baggage

    In a world where the Battle of the Department of Mysteries goes differently and where time heals instead of hurts, Sirius finds the time to go back to Grimmauld Place and give his dearest mother an update. Oneshot. Sirius!Lives AU

  • Good Riddance

    Petunia doesn't know what's going on with the raggedy man trying to bring himself to knock on her door, but with two young boys on her hands she needs him gone. Oneshot.

  • Everybody Needs Colour

    Years after the war when he's supposed to be getting work done at the Leaky Cauldron: Neville gets a drink, artistic advice from a small child, and maybe even a chance with Hannah now that their worlds aren't on fire. Oneshot.

  • That Would Be Enough

    Remus doesn't think James should spend so much time and money brewing him Wolfsbane, James doesn't think Remus should tell him what to do, and Sirius thinks his friends need to shut up and communicate. Harry, meanwhile, just wants lunch. Oneshot. James Lives!AU

  • Lightning Never Strikes Twice

    When her husband died, he protected Lily and their son from the killing curse. He also left her to pick up the pieces of herself, sift through the wreckage of a post-war world, and find a new family. AU. Written for the House Competition, Round 2 Standard.

  • Wonder

    Sometimes, even the Minister of Magic needs a hug—especially when he's this tired and frustrated and overwhelmed. Oneshot.

  • Just Another Lost Boy

    Kingsley Shacklebolt has watched many Pureblood boys and girls his age cross over the Dark Side, never to be seen again. He was shocked when Sirius Black became a Death Eater. So, perhaps it's fitting that Sirius surprised him by coming back to him in the end. Oneshot.

  • On The Night You Were Born

    Remus rarely has a chance to give gifts, but if there was ever a moment to celebrate his wife it's the night their son is born. Oneshot.

  • I'll Take Your Fight

    Sometimes, when things are the worst and Voldemort is going after your best friend's son, it's good to be reminded that you're fighting for something other than the grief sitting in your chest.

  • Ease My Mind

    Until she's sure that she hasn't given her son the family blood curse, Astoria can't relax. Draco plans on changing that. Oneshot.

  • Call It Dreaming

    Kingsley isn't the one who sent Sirius Black to Azkaban, but he feels guilty for the innocent man's ruined life. So if there's a way for Kingsley to stop Sirius from going back to Azkaban in his dreams... well, Kingsley is onboard. Oneshot.

  • Draw Me A Map Home

    Closeness has never been a problem before—but years in Azkaban and years alone will change things, even if the rain is coming down hard and the bed is warm. Oneshot.

  • Extremely Close But Incredibly Far

    When Remus and Tonks have to bunker down and hide from Death Eaters in a Muggle hotel room, there's no more hiding from the glances they've been stealing and the questions they've been meaning to ask since joining the Order of the Phoenix. Especially not when there's only one bed. Oneshot.

  • About a Bruise

    She's patching him up after detention away, and Hannah worries that that's all she and Neville have in common anymore. Oneshot.

  • The Harm We Can Name

    In which Neville is sent to the Headmaster's office for the first time in seventh year and finds that he is no longer afraid of Severus Snape.