• Second Chance, a new choice

    Severus was dying in the shrieking shack, and he did indeed die. However, forces out of his control rendered him the ability to re-choose. going back and choose differently.
  • The mystery at Caradoc

    Sequel to my story "The True Severus Snape." Amelia Dooley is a frightfully unassuming witch, living in a very quiet and peaceful wizard village when suddenly one day, a stranger moves at the old abandoned house down at Bristle street. Who this stranger is, is anyone's guess. Only thing is for sure, strange things are starting to happen.
  • The true Snape

    My version of "If Snape had lived doing the final battle." in this version though, Harry did NOT get to view Snapes memories and thus do NOT know of Snapes true role in the war. No one does. And it is up to Harry to piece it all together.
  • Fury little problem

    On his third year, Remus was finally figured out. James, Sirius and Peter finally confronted him... about a certain fury problem. A one shot about Remus's friend confronting him and how they all react.
  • Return of the Porcine Prince

    Swaine had only one purpose in his life, to protect his little brother Marcassin when Marcassin needed it. What if Swaine had never become heart broken, but managed to return to Hamelin when he heard Marcassin was unwell, years before Oliver arrived, now having to face his past, his brothers madness and take some difficult decisions. Is he even the prince he ones were?
  • Changes through time

    Doing a visit, at his life long friend Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix reflects back on everything they have both been through and how much they each have changed, but also how little. Looking back at several different incidents over the years, there are several small stories between those two whom are destined to be life long rivals and trusted friends.
  • Fujimotos story

    In the movie, it is clearly revealed that Fujimoto was ones human, but gave it up to go life in the ocean so... who was he before? This is my interpretation about who Fujimoto was, how he met Granmammare, how he came to dislike humans that much, and finally decided to stop being a human himself to go life in the ocean together with Granmammare.
  • Night of the Steel Samurai

    Finally after a very long wait, the Steel Samurai at last got his own movie! And Maya got two very special tickets to the special premiere in town, how-ever she is left dissapointed when Phoenix is to busy to come with her. Who else does Maya know whom could possible want such a ticket and go with her to the movies? A certain prosecuter is put on the spot.
  • The Ice kings prison

    After the events of "Betty." Marcaline contemplates what happened and what she is going to do now, she got to meet Simon ones again, only to loose him right after their reunion. But what does all of this mean? Is Simon lost forever, or will there maybe one day be a way?
  • Swine Prince

    Gascon was no more, all there is now, is the lowlife thief Swain. The least royal picture imaginable, this is his story. This story goes through scenes in the game, but from the point of view of Swaine, examining what he might have thought and felt, some extra scenes about how the characters have might talked or talked about.
  • The Laytons

    One day as Lucy goes to work at the mystery room, she finds a peculiar man sitting calmly in the office, a man wearing a top-hat drinking tea. He doesn't look like a suspect, and true enough, he is Alfendis father, the renounced professor Layton. these two so different and yet kind of alike, how did they ever manage to become father and son?
  • Who are you?

    In a dream sequence, Usopp comes face to face with a strange he both knows, and doesn't know at all. Who is this person? And what does he have to do with Usopp?
  • Missing moments

    small additional stories which takes place doing my fic "Second chance a new choice." thus, you would need to read that before you start on this one.
  • The Hogwarts staff room

    Gain a glimpse into what is going on among the staff of hogwarts when they are free to discuss and talk inside of the Hogwarts staff room, collects scenes from all of the Harry potter books. Teachers conspiring and banting against each other.
  • We meet again, and yet nothing is the same

    An "what if" one shoot. In the books, I don't think dear Snape ever got to as much as see Lily after he defected, but what would happen if they did meet? What would they fell and say? This is my guess at what would happen.
  • My future destiny

    Eight year old Severus Snape travels ford in time to discover the things he finds are not exactly what he imagined it to be.
  • That Severus Snape person

    Albus Severus Potter starts wondering what kind of person that Severus Snape may were.. and yeah.. people have difficulty complying probably.
  • The Tragedy

    my depiction of how Remus Lupin discovered what had happened the faithful night that James and Lily Potter died.
  • They are both in you

    In Harry's third year Lupin spend a lot of time telling him about his parents, and that was really very nice of him. However, there is another boy who's parents Lupin somewhat knew, and as he is such a nice person he tells Neville about his parents.
  • they lost themselves

    My depicting of the day Bellatrix Lerstrange tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom into insanity. One shoot.