• The Marauders

    "We're so distracted by how things end, we usually forget how beautiful the beginning was. Ours was beautiful, don't you think?" This is their story. It's the story of four boys who were promised the world; it's the story of their reign and their demise, with no distractions. This is the story of The Marauders.

  • Wanderer

    It all began with two wanderers, who just happened to be lost at the same time.

  • The Death Eaters

    1919. Thomas Riddle, unofficial leader of Hogwarts' reigning gang, The Death Eaters, is left to pick up the pieces of his city after WW1. But The Wolves don't like him rigging their races and a new gang is creeping ever closer to dislodging The Death Eaters from their spot as top dog. Chief Inspector Albus Dumbledore has a mission for his secretary: Get close to Thomas Riddle.

  • Promises

    When he was young, fresh faced, grazed knees, lip bust because he hit the ground running just a little too hard and could not contain his youth, his father used to hold the back of his neck when he cried and tell him, in a strong and steady voice reminiscent of fathers, that he was okay. And it was all going to be okay. [James Potter & the Marauders]

  • The Light

    'Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light.' [now complete, with epilogue. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. You all inspire me so much.]

  • The Eight Years We Wasted

    "There was so much time. What did we do with it?" "We wasted it. We were foolish, Draco. Eight years and we lost them. We succumbed to our petty hatred. We'd have probably died with it." "And now?" "Now, I say we live long enough to rectify the eight years we wasted." - (A short fic showing eight years of Draco and Hermione's lives and the progression of their interactions)

  • Bliss

    It's the story of a love after a war, and how two people, as different as the sun and the moon, remained standing, in a world blinded by their eclipse.*A continuation of Hermione and Avery's relationship from The Light. You don't have to have read TL to understand this because this is just a whole lot of fluff! This is for everyone who stood by me when writing that fic:)*

  • Stars

    A one-shot showing, through snippets and explosions, the evolution of Sirius Black's love for Remus Lupin He realised that maybe he was wrong, that love isn't watching someone die- it's watching them live. It's watching them live and knowing you are the most priviliged human in the world for it.

  • Marauder

    "It is in these darkest times…when the world is grey and our souls are dimmer than ever before, when our enemies are mere shadows against the light that we must stay together." A series of one-shots from the Marauders era, including school stories, and tales from the Order. The chapter orders might seem mismatched, I'm just adding as I write! I own nothing, all credit to Jo!

  • The Ones That Love Us

    'And even though it was impossible, he could have sworn his dead heart beat just one last time. Because after all, he thought with a smile, the ones that love us never truly leave us.' One-shot about Sirius and James meeting again in the Afterlife, based off a fact JKR released about The Veil

  • Fix Me

    Remus didn't lose his friends. He lost his brothers. He lost a part of himself. And now, he realised with a dull ache, it was just a little too to fix that. Just a little one-shot about Remus' feelings and memories of The Marauders. It doesn't have a specific time set, but I was thinking either POA or DH:) I own nothing. If I did, Sirius would still be alive...As would Remus!

  • Hell is Cold

    And he knew, in that moment, with Tessa's head on his shoulder and Jem's hand in his, that he would forever be warm. Because Hell was far too cold for him. A short alternative chapter on Will's death in Clockwork Princess! (I have used part of the original piece so credit goes to Cassie Clare for that and of course, for her characters! Unfortunately I don't own Will or Jem!)

  • Tomorrow

    Sometimes Love is like a fairytale sweeping you off your feet and into another world where everything is perfect and nothing could ever hurt you or bring you down from your euphoria. Sometimes people say it hurts..But Love does not hurt. Envy hurts. Rejection hurts. Loss hurts. And in the end, Love is the only thing that can make everything all wonderful again. I only own the plot.

  • Marauder

    Well it all began on the Hogwarts Express. 'And this git just told me his entire family was in Slytherin! And I was starting to hate him…' But then I got sorted into Gryffindor. –Sirius. 'And Lily was there too'-James. this is a simple little fanfiction about the Marauders time at Hogwarts because I think they were by far the best characters in the entire series. I own nothing:)

  • The Power of Potter

    What happens when the outcome of the Wizarding World relies all upon a certain bushy haired witch and a messy haired wizard. When Harry and Hermione go back in time on Dumbledores orders during the Final Battle, they gain extraordinary powers to help them rid the world of He Who Must Not Be Named... I only own the plot, not any of the Characters or Hogwarts itself, unfortunately.

  • Beating Hearts

    When asked why Lord Voldemort was such a selfish person incapable of any type of love and affection, Dumbledore takes Harry back in time 50 years and shows him, through the memories of others, how Tom Riddle fell for a girl like any other normal boy and how she changed him... I own nothing except the plot, if I owned it I would be living in a castle on the moon! Rated T to be safe