Lady of Tenn

  • There Came A Time

    AU Story: After a horrible breakup with Ron, Hermione devotes her life to her work as everyone around her has devoted their lives to having a family. Being lonely drives Hermione to responding to a personal ad that could potentially alter the future she has already planned for her life.
  • Letters From Afar

    A desperate Hermione seeks love and attention. Finding it in the most unexpected place. Short one shot. I own nothing!
  • He Will Be Loved

    After being attacked by Nagini Severus is saved by Hermione. Severus finds a new life awaits him finding love and new friendships along the way. Little does he know a plot for Voldemort's return has been brewing behind the scenes. And an unwavering love as well. I do not own these characters or the world in which JK Rowling created! NOW COMPLETE!
  • Severus' Betrayal

    Hermione saves Severus and falls in love but doesn't tell her beloved. Read this gut wrenching one shot to see a sequence of events that leads to confessions of betrayal and forgiveness. Minor fluff, minor language. SS/HG pairing. ONE SHOT COMPLETE
  • Tempus Temporis

    Time Travel/Soul Mate Fic….Hermione is plagued with a prophetic dream and given ominous prophecies'. Will Lord Voldemort ever exist? Or will Hermione succeed in her quest to bring peace to wizarding Britain? Can love truly conquer all evil? Non Canon-Alternate Realities. I do not own Harry Potter or any of JK Rowling's worlds; I simply play with the characters.
  • There Came A Time

    There came a time, a point, a loud hoorah moment that was both a bit disconcerting and enlightening to Hermione. How will Hermione cope with the choices she has made in her life. Better yet, who will she chose to help her cope? Non canon after final battle. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, the world of Harry Potter or the characters. I just play with them. ENJOY!
  • A Birthday Surprise

    Harry gets the surprise of his life as he rushes in to give Snape a Birthday Surprise. Written as a one-shot to celebrate the Birthday of Severus Snape! I own nothing! Please enjoy!
  • My Beloved

    To be denied love for a lifetime is a death sentence one never deserves. To be given love and to lose it can be the worst torment anyone can ever face. To have a soul bond to one who is too young to appreciate it is absolute hell. But there is hope to be given for those who deserve it the most! ONE SHOT NON CANNON! Disclaimer: I own nothing!