• Truth

    AU! OOC!:Months prior to going to Hogwarts Hermione is found by her real family. How will her old life prior to her new affect how she reacts to them? How will she react to the truth of her being put with the Grangers. Dark!Hermione, Sane!Bella, Uncle!Tom, Dark!Luna, Evil!Dumbledore!Bashing, Weasley!Bashing(with possible exceptions). Not the best at summaries, sorry
  • The Joker's New Joke

    'AU: What if Tom had a brother and said brother was the Clown Prince of Crime? What if Harley Quinn was months into her pregnancy and gave birth to her child in Blackgate and said child was taken away? Would this child still be like their parents when their reunited' This is more of a side project and if anything won't be taken that seriously but enjoy, I guess