• Coming Home

    During the war, Ginny went through more than anyone knew. Unable to handle it, she fled to the muggle world in America, where she stayed for five years. An urgent owl from George brings her home - back to her family and the man she left behind. This time, will she stay for good, or will being back in the wizarding world be more than she can stand?
  • Survivors of War

    The war ended for the wizarding world as a whole, but not the individuals. WARNINGS: Mentions of suicide and death
  • Healing Broken Hearts

    As a single woman, Julianna can't get custody of her late brother's son, Harry. Hopeless, she turns to Severus Snape - who insists the two marry. But what secrets is the potions professor hiding?
  • Creating a Future

    Harry Potter was killed at Hogwarts during the battle at the end of 7th year, leaving the wizarding world in chaos. Percy Weasley comes up with an idea to fix things - and in the process, drags along Theodore Nott and a muggleborn, Madison Reyes. *Time Travel fic*
  • Moments in Time

    Before being tortured into insanity, Frank and Alice Longbottom had many years together. This is their last day, with memories of their life together.
  • The Other Spy's Lover

    Professor Snape is killed right after Voldemort returns, leaving the Order of the Phoenix in need of a spy. Enter Marcus Flint, who's been forced to join the death eaters against his will, and Katie Bell, his fiancee, who's training to be a healer.
  • Love and Loss

    Rose wasn't Ron and Hermione's first child; and Daniel's death nearly destroyed them both. (WARNINGS: Child loss)
  • Who We Are

    Alexis is a muggle who lives across the street from Severus Snape. (Chronicles their relationship throughout twenty years) Warning: Slight domestic abuse
  • War Hero's Daughter

    Elsie Snape was abducted on the twenty fifth anniversary of the Hogwarts Battle. Six months later she's been rescued - but everything at home has changed. Unable to go back to how things were, can she make something for her future? (Sequel to War Child)
  • War Child

    Lily Evans had a child when she was fifteen with Remus Lupin that nobody knew about. Twenty two years later, her daughter is living in London with her husband and child, with no idea she's the sister of the boy who lived. When her husband is killed in a death eater raid, she learns the truth about her family and her husband, and joins the war in a way nobody would expect.
  • Creating a Future

    A lot of stories have the Trio go back in time, but what if the people around them come back from the future to shape the past, in order to stop Voldemort once and for all? Percy Weasley, Theodore Nott, and Madison Reyes go back to Harry's first year.
  • Raising the boy-who-lived's child

    Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are dead, leaving behind their daughter, Chloe. A prophecy states that she will be raised by a muggleborn and a death eater's son, so Erin and Draco take the child and flee to muggle America