• Hatchlings

    Voldemort never thought he would discover another parselmouth much less two and to find that one of his most trusted was sworn to protect Potter? Well at least he wasn't insane any more. The pair weren't going anywhere now that he had his hands on them. Pairings, if any, decided later - likely M/M.
  • The Disappeared Children

    The children across the entire world disappear along with millions of adults but Harry has the answer. - Please note that if this actually happens you can find answers here or at least the reference to where to find the real life warning.
  • A Sleeping Dragon Poked Awake

    Harry spectacularly looses his temper at his trial before fifth year, issues an ultimatum to the entire Wizengamot, arbitrarily assigns Snape as his new guardian, and storms off to the Goblins for sanctuary... Oh and did I mention that he openly announced they had treated him badly enough that he was now willing to side with the Dark Lord? Let the chaos begin!
  • Prank Skirmish

    What happens when Harry gets fed up with being stared at by Voldemort? This is a one-shot taken from mine and ChibiAyane's Dark Times universe, for those who want to read what little there is of that universe its on my AO3 account.
  • Blood Bound

    A botched ritual, an irate Potions Master, and a series of magical chain reactions bring a new twist to the middle of Harry's OWL year... what's next? SLASH!, Vamp!Harry, SS/HP/LV TMR - triad, AO3 transfer, Rated M for a reason! COMPLETE! OOCness & Odd humor
  • Attack of the Furby

    Furby likes Snape. This is a one-shot & may be expanded later, it is also only marked complete because I have no idea when, how often, or even if my muse will want to play with it again. With that in mind every chapter added will still leave the complete tag on. Also, if you see it on AO3 that's me; Feel free to remind me to update either of them if the postings don't match.
  • Love or Potion?

    Scene that popped into my head, too short for a real summary. If anyone wants to use it as a prompt feel free! I just want to read it when you've got it going. *cackle* One-shot/Prompt/Bunny Killer - may expand later. Snarry? You decide.