• Babbling, bumbling, band of babboons

    George watched as Harry poured the yellow potion into the tea, and he smirked, his nerves turning into adrenaline once more. This was for Fred, it's for a good cause.

  • For The World

    It was obvious about one thing: Harry was like a son to Hagrid. And she wouldn't change it for the world.

  • Perhaps there'll be oranges?

    Sirius and Remus prank James, but do they get away with it?

  • The Night Sky

    He didn’t notice his tears until one landed on his lips. And that was when the rain began to pour down.

  • Red Velvet

    Draco and Theo are at a wedding. Draco is bored. He decides to play a game while he passes the time, much to Theo's distaste.

  • Believe In Yourself

    Eight-year-old Fred's trying to bake a cake, but things go awry. Luckily for him, his older brother Charlie's there to help.

  • Come Back Here

    Ron ignores the cancelled Quidditch practice, and pays the price.

  • My Darling, Luna

    Luna takes a trip to the Farmer's market.

  • You Wouldn't Expect It

    Sirius chose to prank Remus on the wrong day, it seemed. He had to make a run for it, because, well. Who would like to be in Remus's line of wrath? Not him, that was for sure.

  • Numb

    Regulus wonders how different it would have been if he had run away, too. He still wants to leave his life behind, but what if there was something he could do to change his and others' future?

  • Lock and Key

    One night was all it took for James's life to change forever. Or the one where James was the Werewolf, instead of Remus. Oneshot.

  • You Can't Wait

    Luna reflects on the past while on her date with Neville, and the night comes to end with the couple talking about their future.

  • Like Hell

    Remus recovers from the full moon in the Hospital Wing. Sirius is there to comfort him.

  • Sleepless Nights

    It's the night after the full moon and Remus can't sleep. As usual, Sirius can't sleep either, so naturally, they talk. Or the one where Remus can't keep his mouth shut.

  • He Can't Win

    Regulus goes on a mission to stop the Dark Lord but can he leave who he loves behind?

  • Just Five Minutes

    The Room of Requirement only appears when someone is in great need of it… so when Draco finds it with Harry inside already, what does Draco do? Or the one where Draco and Harry actually don't hex each other into oblivion.

  • It Was Only A Click

    Basically, long story short, superheroes shouldn't have social media. Or the one where Peter reveals his own secret identity.

  • She's Safe With Me

    James just wanted midnight snacks, was that too much to ask? Or the one where Severus nearly burns the place down.

  • Hogwarts is My Home

    All of my entries for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Challenges and Assignments) go here.

  • I'll Be There For You

    James wrote a letter to his parents, sometime during his sixth year, explaining that he was safe from the most recent attack in Diagon Alley. He wrote that his friends were all okay. Little did he know just how wrong he was.