• Give Me Love

    "All I want is the taste that your lips allow" - moments of love, both happy and heartbreaking. - drabble collection.
  • The Trip to Greenhouse Three

    A new alternative to rain boots. Rubnerva fluff :D
  • Pieces Mended

    broken, shattered pieces, put back together again. Abstract Poem/HarryLuna
  • The Girl With No Name

    because no one cared / freeverse
  • Counting Tears like Raindrops

    Narcissa thinks about her husband and son and what the future holds for her family. -drabble-
  • Crush

    She had spent so many nights watching him from afar, would tonight be the night she finally found the nerve to speak to him?
  • Let Love In

    She had hoped that he wouldn't break her heart. He had hoped that she could save him, as he was far too weak to save himself. She had hoped he would fill the void, all of the emptiness, loneliness, brokenness. He had hoped she would give him a reason to do the right thing. They were both young and foolish.
  • River Stones

    He had been rude, impatient, a downright obnoxious git, but he wanted to change. He wished that just one person would give him the chance to be a better person. Zacharias/Luna.
  • Kiss The Pain Away

    Verity is waiting for the right moment to comfort George after Fred's death, as well as, the right moment to tell him how she feels.
  • Misunderstood

    Like most children, she was taught to fear things that resided in the dark, lost in the shadows. She remembers, when she was a little girl, she always heard how vampires were bad and she should always stay away from them. She doesn't believe that now. He is anything but evil. Luna/Sanguini. AU.
  • Fallin' Apart

    "Sirius leaned back against the kitchen counter. His fingers rapped rhythmically against the countertop as he stared into the distance, mulling over memories of a time long past. A smile curved his lips, bittersweet memories, memories of her." SiriusMarlene.
  • Revival

    She was drowning in despair, choking on tears, gasping for air. The man before her wrapped her in his arms. He stroked her hair as she cried. "I'm sorry, Andromeda," Kingsley whispered - KingsleyAndromeda. Canon-compliant. :)
  • Something I Need

    A collection of drabbles about the life and love{s} of Padma Patil :)
  • Not Just Another Casualty

    Dennis grieves for his brother - drabble -
  • Hiis Angel

    He didn't deserve her / they never let him forget that
  • wishing for one last chance

  • Home for the Holidays

    George brings his girlfriend home for the holidays. short drabble collection, depending on how the first story rates.
  • After All

    Marcus finds Penelope crying on the steps of their apartment complex - should I make this longer/a two shot?
  • Someone, Somtimes

    It has been years since he has opened himself up to another. What is it about this girl that makes him want to start now? What is so comforting about her? - Sanguini is troubled and Luna attempts to comfort him.
  • All About Us

    Fred and Hermione share a dance at Bill and Fleur's wedding. (For Syd)