Juishy Jay

  • A Childhood's Consequences

    In a world where Harry Potter grows up in Surrey, but not under the roof of Privet Drive Number Four and his best friends are ruffians, and he, himself, is considered by many to be a scoundrel, the Sorting Hat places Harry in a different house, and changes the fate of the Wizarding World, the destiny of Harry forever. Disclaimer: I own none of the characters! That's JK! Year One!
  • The Silver Boy and the Webs of Versace

    Harry Potter likes his life. Head of Versace Department region Britain, he has loads of time to spend goofing around, doing nothing but having fun. But when a small mission gets complicated, and a truly staggering prophecy becomes known, Harry halts his life on the street in order to avenge his loved ones. Disclaimer: I own none of the characters. Except the OC's obviously! Review!
  • Albus Potter and the Zombie Invasion

    Albus Potter is a Slytherin! Funnily enough, that turns out to be... not bad. Most of Hogwarts—in fact, most of the world—didn't think so but who cared what they thought! His family is... alright with it. And he ended up bagging himself some great friends. And—just maybe—what with all the stuff—whisper it: ZOMBIES!—Albus could just end up with just as much attention as his father!
  • A bludger to the head

    My version of the scene where James saves Severus from werewolf Remus. Pleases review. Oneshot.
  • The Legend of the Silver Boy

    He was the leader of a Vigilante. He didn't follow rules. Well, except one. He was a free man. Someone please relay the message. Cunning Harry.Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. Wish I did. Instead, all I have is a timid attempt at imitation that I might never even complete. P.S Reviews are craved.
  • Albus Potter: Deviation

    Assured by Harry Potter, his father, Albus plunges down into the snakes dungeons. His brother reacts badly but Albus is unconcerned. He quickly establishes dominance and respect among the snakes. He makes friends as well; his life is all fun and play when he gets caught in the middle of brewing plans.
  • Creating a Legacy

    Harry Potter has always had friends. At least, since he gave up on the Dursleys ever loving him. He din't share his secrets with them but they were still cool. Now, he's at Hogwarts, and it seems that despite his defence; one Malfoy just knows everything. Slytherin Harry.
  • Raven: The Legend of the Silver Boy

    Harry left the Dursleys when he was seven. Lived on the streets as Raven. Found out he was a wizard at 10. HP/GW. Grey Harry. Slytherin Harry.
  • Illuminati: Book One

    Watch as four boys bond together and attempt to recreate the wizarding world.
  • Illuminati: Book One

    Watch as four boys; HARRY JAMES POTTER, ANDREW MICHAEL DOLOHOV, THEODORE NOTT, and BLAISE ZABINI; become friends and start what is sure to be a legacy to be remembered. Slightly AU. P.S This is my first fanfic. I'm just 14 years old.
  • Harry Potter Spells

    All the Harry Potter Spells( mostly made up)
  • Harry Spells

    all the spells