• Ravenclaw Stories

    This is a collection of short stories that have something to do with Ravenclaw (be it a character from that House or a scene in the common room or something else). Inspired from a challenge in the Ravenclaw Common Room guild on Habitica.

  • Obstacles

    Hermione and Severus try to pursue a relationship after her graduation. Unfortunately, the path to happiness is full of obstacles including concerned friends, fear of rejection, a dark past, distance, and simply being together.

  • Hermine Granger und der Halbblutprinz

    Der komplette 6. Teil aus Hermines Sicht mit ein paar interessant ausgefüllten Lücken.

  • A Trip to London

    Muggle Studies Professor Hermione Granger organises the first Hogwarts class trip in ages. Her colleague Severus Snape is kind enough to accompany her and her 6th-year class to a weekend in London full of fun, education, and - of course - romance.

  • How to be a post owl

    Have you ever wondered how Pigwidgeon's life was before he lived with Ron? Have you ever wondered how post owls are trained in the magical world? Have you ever wondered why owls understand humans? Read this story and find out.

  • More than work

    When Tom Nook has a heart attack, Sable rushes to the hospital. Is work really the most important matter in his life?

  • The Freedom of Marriage

    Mr Darcy wants to marry Miss Elizabeth, but he is still engaged to his cousin Anne and he would never dishonour her by breaking off their engagement. Fortunately for him, Anne is the kindest soul on earth. A story about friendship.

  • The Fairy and the Elf

    It was love at first sight when Flora bumped into Professor Palladium on her first day in Alfea. It would take them three years to fight for their love while many obstacles stand in their way.

  • The Beach

    Harvey is my best friends. But it takes the Luau Festival and the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies for us to come closer. Fluff

  • Vor langer Zeit

    Als Hermine nach Hogwarts kommt, schaut Professor Snape sie dauernd so an, als wüsste er mehr über sie, als er zugibt. Erst in ihrem sechsten Schuljahr, als sie von Dumbledore auf eine Mission in die Vergangenheit geschickt wird, fängt sie an zu verstehen, woher diese seltsamen Blicke stammen...

  • Keeping you warm

    Hermione and Severus are on an Order mission and stuck in a freezing chapel on Christmas...

  • Rain in Hogsmeade

    It is pouring in Hogsmeade and Severus Snape lets Hermione Granger under his umbrella.

  • Avalanche

    "I stepped into an avalanche, it covered up my soul." (songfic for 'Avalanche' by Leonard Cohen). After the War Hermione becomes Severus' apprentice and though he tries to distance himself as much as possible from her, he can't escape her kindness and love. "You who wish to conquer pain, you must learn what makes me kind."

  • Out of Time

    After the Battle of Hogwarts Hermione is sent back in time to ensure that James and Lily become a couple. She spends four months in 1977 with the Marauders and is torn between enjoying her time there and knowing that most of her friends will die soon. But worst of all is the love she develops for Remus who in her time is married and has a son...

  • The Empty Seat

    Severus Snape never goes to the teachers' party at the end of the school year, not since the one time he went and the seat next to him remained empty. Years later, his apprentice Hermione is determined to make him go and promises to stay with him the whole night...

  • Mr Longbottom's Greatest Fear

    The moment Severus Snape finds out that he is Mr Longbottom's greatest fear...

  • Support

    When Severus overhears two students insulting him, another professor comes to his defense before he has the chance to reprimand the students. Hermione Granger has never been more interesting...

  • Quomodo Pigwidgeon Hedvigam quaesiverit

    How Pigwidgeon is looking for Hedwig. A short story in Latin.

  • Eine neue Familie

    Als Tante Petunia einen alten Brief von Lily findet, bringt sie den fast 12-jährigen Harry sofort nach Spinner's End - zu seinem Vater... Wird es Snape und Harry möglich sein, ihren Hass zu vergessen und so etwas wie eine Familie zu werden?

  • Never Have I Ever

    It is Ginny's 16th birthday party and she and her friends are playing Never Have I Ever. It is very funny until they ask: "Never have I ever seen Professor Snape in a romantic way." And Hermione drinks... and then suddenly the whole school knows...