• broken thinking

    Lee realises that George needs his help, more than he ever had before. [Set during OOTP]

  • come with me and you'll see

    The war has ended and Dean and Seamus can finally build their life together. Some days are darker than others, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. [Written for THC, Deamus]

  • continuing despite the odds

    Rita Skeeter strikes again, so Hermione hides away in the library. She should have expected that her partners wouldn't let that happen. [Written for THC]

  • what could have been

    Sirius wakes late from a nightmare and wonders what his life could have turned out like. [Post-Voldemort AU, Written for THC]

  • Summer Work

    Percy just wants to focus on his homework, but there's always a catch.

  • scrubbing us away

    Victoria doesn't know why she's in this corridor, but she knows something has gone horribly wrong, and who to blame.

  • far from boring

    A personality quiz brings up old issues for Kingsley, but Moody can help him. [Written for THC]

  • Midnight Whispers

    Hermione is too excited to sleep, so Draco tries to help. [Written for THC]

  • just the way you are

    Fleur is packing to leave Beauxbatons for Hogwarts to try and compete in the Tournament. Gabrielle drops by.

  • Don't Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind

    Ron realises quickly that he's going to have to drag Hermione out of her latest quest. It's a good job that he loves her, and that they have help. [Kromione, written for IWSC]

  • Promise Me This

    Fabian and Gideon stop by to visit their younger sister and her newest baby, a girl. She asks them to make a promise, even though they are at war.

  • The More Things Change

    Something has been bothering Charlie for a while until it finally spills out.

  • Official Matters

    Kingsley needs to speak to Moody about a personal matter. A compromise is proposed.

  • after the story ends

    George wants more than anything to break the curse he's under, but little does he know what he'll find on the way. [Fairytale AU, written for THC]

  • just the way it has to be

    Harry has to return to the ruins of the Potter Cottage, but it stirs up different, difficult memories than he had been expecting. [AU Canon Divergence. Written for IWSC]

  • to sleep, perchance to dream

    Teddy just wants to sleep but his extended family is conspiring against him. His saviour comes bearing an unexpected gift.

  • A Rumour Running Around The World

    Professor Black is a mystery, so when he mentions his partner, no-one could have predicted what would happen next. [AU Canon Divergence]

  • A Wonderful Idea

    Narcissa has a plan, and she can only hope that everything works out. But what will her visitor think?

  • Can But Try

    It was Regulus' choice to leave with Sirius. Wasn't it?

  • to test is human

    Tonks is about to undertake her first assignment as an Auror, but she will quickly find out that nothing is what it seems. [Alastor Moody & Nymphadora Tonks]