• If You Find Some Comfort In It

    Ron wrote Molly a letter to tell her about Harry's awful relatives and lack of Christmas expectations. What was her thoughts upon seeing that letter, and how did it remind her of her own brothers? Written for the IWSC PR4
  • Fast Friends

    [Modern University AU] Lily has been at this University for only a few days, but she finds herself running behind her new friend Remus Lupin, running away from something... [Remus Lupin & Lily Potter, James Potter & Sirius Black]
  • Conium maculatum

    Set during Order of the Phoenix. Harry slips away on Halloween night, head jumbled with too many confusing thoughts and an essay to write.
  • The Moon Will Provide

    Fenrir Greyback wakes following a successful transformation and hunt, mind turning to the next one [Character Study]
  • Travel With Me

    Sirius has his heart set on having a flying motorbike. Remus is less thrilled.
  • Made Just For Me

    Sirius has been captured by this strange man who insists he is his wife. Can Sirius escape before the man's delusions engulf him? Dark!AU, warnings for abuse, stockholm syndrome and gaslighting
  • Death Knell in the Daytime

    Today is the day Theodore had been dreading for months. And what else could he do but continue as normal with Blaise, hoping against hope, until he couldn't ignore it anymore. [Written for THC R5]
  • What The Heart Wants

    Regulus Black is dead. Or is he? Kingsley seeks out a small shop in Muggle London to see if that statement is true.
  • Forgive Me

    Blaise and his mother have an uneasy truce, marred by the ghost of a dead man. Character study. The Houses Competition R4
  • Riddle Me This

    Backstory of the Sphinx from the Triwizard Tournament. The boat ride and the company she kept.
  • Lies Over The Ocean

    Jacob Kowalski is a child with a big dream: to bring his grandmother's paczki to America. (IHC R3)
  • Butterfly Wings

    Sirius is a Slytherin, following in the footsteps of the rest of his family. But he longs to be resorted and has a golden opportunity in front of him... IWSC 2 Practice Round. Wolfstar, Hogwarts Era AU
  • The Other Plan

    Accidents happen, and what happens when an accident befalls only one twin?
  • Own Two Hands

    What to give to Harry James Potter, the Boy Who Lived, for his birthday? Handmade is always an option, particularly when you are put in charge of babysitting all the Weasley grandchildren. Written for the International Wizarding School Championship Summer Camp
  • We're Going On A Bear Hunt

    Aurors have to follow the clues and solve the puzzles in front of them, so how will the Weasley grandchildren fare on this devious scavenger hunt? (Written for IWSC Summer Camp R3) Everybody Lives AU, Canon Divergence
  • Hidden Depths

    Oliver returns home to mountains of baked goods... So why is this a bad sign? Written for International Wizarding School Championship Summer Camp. AU
  • Shooting From The Heart

    Ginny has an important question to ask, but who can she turned to? It had to be Luna. (Written for International Wizarding School Championship Summer Camp) [pre Ginny x Luna]
  • Dedication Above All Else

    Curse Breaking is dangerous. There's the wards and the traps, the relentless heat and deadlines looming over your head. And then there's the treasure hunters... (International Wizarding School Championship Summer Camp Round 4)
  • Hold Tight To Dreams

    The Wizarding World is trying to piece itself back together, magic is in shambles and Ron is so tired.
  • Nothing But Trouble

    Every single Weasley child was nothing but trouble according to their mother. However this time, Charlie suspects that he may have wound up in more trouble than anyone was expecting when confronted with an angry dragon.