• We're Going On A Bear Hunt

    Aurors have to follow the clues and solve the puzzles in front of them, so how will the Weasley grandchildren fare on this devious scavenger hunt? (Written for IWSC Summer Camp R3) Everybody Lives AU, Canon Divergence
  • Hidden Depths

    Oliver returns home to mountains of baked goods... So why is this a bad sign? Written for International Wizarding School Championship Summer Camp. AU
  • Shooting From The Heart

    Ginny has an important question to ask, but who can she turned to? It had to be Luna. (Written for International Wizarding School Championship Summer Camp) [pre Ginny x Luna]
  • Dedication Above All Else

    Curse Breaking is dangerous. There's the wards and the traps, the relentless heat and deadlines looming over your head. And then there's the treasure hunters... (International Wizarding School Championship Summer Camp Round 4)
  • Hold Tight To Dreams

    The Wizarding World is trying to piece itself back together, magic is in shambles and Ron is so tired.
  • Nothing But Trouble

    Every single Weasley child was nothing but trouble according to their mother. However this time, Charlie suspects that he may have wound up in more trouble than anyone was expecting when confronted with an angry dragon.
  • Hope Springs Eternal

    It's just after Harry's 30th birthday party, and he has a burning question to ask Daphne, expect she is nowhere to be found. Will Harry find her before something happens to her and their unborn baby? Written for IWSC Final Round
  • Falling For You

    Kingsley and Moody are both Aurors. They will always have each others back, right?
  • A Fight We Chose

    Written for The International School Championship Round 9. The wizarding community is spooked due to an impending meteor shower, Hermione is haunted by the war still but she is determined to do what is right, whatever it takes.
  • An Evening I Will Not Forget

    One night, one mistake and Draco is in the hospital. But why he's there is a mystery, and Blaise is being mistaken for his boyfriend. But the flowers are nice though... [Medical Muggle AU for International Wizarding School Championship]
  • Chance Encounters

    A storm is raging outside, Quidditch is cancelled so what are the Marauders supposed to do? A spur of the moment decision leads to a chance encounter no-one suspected
  • Pain Eternal

    The war is over, Graham Montague is a broken man with a penance to pay for his part in all of it. Written for the International Wizarding School Championship.
  • Equinox Sacrifice

    The equinox has come once again and the price must be paid to the Godly Patrons of the Sacred Twenty Eight. For International Wizarding School Championship Round Five.
  • Letters Through The Storm

    The pen moved effortlessly over the page, the writer's face set in an intense look of bored concentration, chewing on the pen lid before signing his name with a flourish and sticking his hand in the air. MorMor, Sebastian Moran x Jim Moriarty
  • Silence is Golden

    The silence in the library was as sacred to Hermione as a church was to Fleur and they both knew better than to break the hallowed quiet. Fleurmione, Fleur x Hermione. Fluffy Fluff.
  • Pirates Ahoy!

    Jim as Captain Hook, Sebastian as Smee. Peter Pan inspired MorMor. From an Anon on Tumblr. Waves gently lapped against the side of the boat, causing it to creak and groan ominously. Jim took no notice of this however as he propped himself up on one elbow to peer down at Sebastian from his elevated perch in the hammock.q
  • October Jumpers

    Imagine if Jim (little or adult) learns how to knit and Sebastian just walks in and he's surrounded by multicoloured ball of wool and is knitting away looking very intent. And then he would totally send his favourite sniper off in knitted hats and scarfs and shit so he can mark his territory. MorMor fluff
  • Beginning to Notice

    It's Harry eighth birthday and he's very excited. But he's starting to notice things aren't quite right in his world. [Grindlewald Wins AU for the International Wizarding School Championship]
  • Never Again

    George would never be able to produce a Patronus after Fred's death, because all of his happy memories contained him. Warning: Angst, slight Twincest.
  • Wrong Truth

    "Come with me." The words hung in the air, mistakenly said but unable to be taken back. [Sirius begs Regulus to go with him to the Potter's house]