The Hope Lions

  • In Loco Parentis

    Hermione Granger doesn't know why she was sent back to 1992, but she's not going to waste this second chance. Even the Chosen One needs some responsible adults on his side. After all, may not know it, but he is Hermione's best friend. As she takes up the DADA post, "Jean Watson" is not going to let anything happen to him-or any of her friends for that matter.
  • In Loco Parentis

    Luckily for everyone, Hera Locket applied to the Defense Against the Dark Arts post hours before Dumbledore offered the position to Gilderoy Lockheart. Horrified that Voldemort spent the previous year at Hogwarts undetected, she decides to take a more active role in protecting her students. Especially as they begin to be petrified. AKA the series with responsible adults
  • Vessels and Twins

    Jimmy Novak had a twin sister, Abigail, and she just wanted to find her brother. A little oneshot my friend, Bella, asked me to write.
  • Unwanted Allegiance

    A sequel to "The Ring of Osiris" but will make sense no matter if you've read the original or not. Nina just wants to be a normal college student, but here in Egypt the gods aren't going to let that happen. Joined by friends new and old Nina has to overcome ancient powers if she wants to keep herself alive. But, what will the cost of working for gods be?
  • The Stolen Daughter

    What if Sam had a twin sister?What if Azazael kidnapped that sister when he killed Mary?What if John wanted more than revenge, he wanted his daughter back?And what if that daughter had been groomed to take her place as queen of Hell?Sam and Dean want to find their sister, but Millie Winchester only wants to be found if she can put their heads on a platter afterwards.
  • Missing

    A short little story about Claire Novak telling Daphne Allens why her husband Emmanuel never returned. Please read and say if you'd like to see the full length story!
  • Trapped

    We all know Gabriel is alive, but how did he end up working for Metatron. And was the archangel really all he seemed to be
  • The Last Potter

    Whatever happened to that little Potter cat anyway?
  • Dumbledore's Army's Secret Santa

    When Umbridge outlaws Secret Santa at Hogwarts, Dumbledore's Army fights back. Shenanigans ensues.
  • Harry Potter and the Obscurial

    FANTASTIC BEASTS SPOILERS! What if the Dursleys had been a bit more devoted to beating the magic out of Harry? Newt Scamander and Albus Dumbledore both have long and dark histories, but there is one thing they both know. They would do anything and fight anyone to prevent the death of one final Obscurial.
  • Rosalee Anderson and the Crystal Orb

    Voldemort has been gone for over 16 years, but the trouble he caused continues. With the lists of muggle-borns destroyed, Hermione and others struggle to track down and train all those with magic. Hogwarts has even developed a special program to fast-track those found after 11. Rosalee Anderson is one of those witches, but unfortunately catching up is the least of her problems.
  • His Only Weakness

    Kaia Lovelace has known for a long time that she was different, but it wasn't until she met Jedikiah Price that she knew just why. With the world on the brink of war, and Kaia straddling two sides, can both races survive?
  • Whatever Souls are Made of (Abandoned, I'm so, so sorry)

    In a Victorian AU Nina arrives at her Uncle Victor's estate unprepared for the dangerous mysteries, and complex relationships, her new home holds. Written as a very belated make up Secret Santa gift for Violinrocker12
  • The Phantom of the Opera (abandoned So sorry)

    Nina had't seen Fabian since she left Anubis house all those years ago, so she never expected to get cast as Christine when he was Raul. Suddenly she has to deal with her old boyfriend, but that's the least of her problems. After all, they don't call it "The Phantom of the Opera" for nothing.
  • A Reflection on Family

    Lucifer goes on a retreat about family. It goes about as well as you'd expect. Rated T for language and entirely based off of the retreat I went on for school today. Enjoy!
  • But I Chose You

    In a reversal AU where Fabian was the Chosen One, Nina opens the door to discover Fabian there 5 years after he abandoned her and their daughter. Where did Fabian go, and can Nina ever forgive him? Secret Santa for HouseofAnubisfan2
  • The Song of Hathor

    Happy Christmas everyone! My Secret Santa present for xoxo-Anubisgirl-xoxo! Nina and Eddie are the only two students at Anubis house over Christmas break, and there is a song dancing in their heads.
  • The Rise of Eight

    Skyclan's cats have all gone rabid. Thunderclan's borders are a war zone. Shadowclan's prey is gone. Riverclan sees twolegs at every turn, and cat are being taken. Windclan's leader has gone mad and is uprooting the warrior code. With all the clans' problems, can five apprentices save them? "No cat can survive without the elements protecting them, so too shall it be in the clans."
  • A Mother's Goodbye

    For theology class we had to write a homily for a funeral. Naturally I made it Mary Winchester's funeral...enjoy!
  • A Twist in Time

    Nina Martin returns to Anubis house for her senior year and just wants to be normal. So when she and Eddie touch an odd statue and end up in 1932 things start to get a bit crazy. After all, there was never supposed to be two Chosen Ones and Osirians, right? Can the future be changed or is destiny too powerful a force even for Sibuna? Peddie and Fabina. Lots of timey-wimey fun!