• The serpent's mates

    What might have happened if things had just been a little…different. Soulmate marks exist in this. FleuxHermionexBellatrix. Dark Hermione. Oh, and Hermione has Voldemort's twin wand, not Harry-and I'm going to change the wand that Voldemort has to having dragon heartstrings. Hermione, Fleur and Bellatrix's share a mark, the a dark blue dragon with its wings. Very slow burn.

  • Warriors of the valley

    Femslash fic. Long story short, everything's been reset after Clarke gets killed by Pike and Bellamy. Now Clarke has to fix everything. So what else is new? She's tired of everyone's bull. Clarke leaves the 100 and takes Wells. She and some others leave. And are set on an adventure. Eventual crossover. Author's note: (Anyone that wants Clarke dead or to forgive, will be blocked)

  • Amazon bride

    As far as we know, in Titan's Curse, Bianca was killed. But was she really? Reyna's sister Hylla, the Amazon knows of course. Very rare noncanon crack femslash pairing. Rated M. Be warned. And mentions of JasonxNico as well.

  • Regret isn't your color

    "Wick, please. Regret isn't your color." Was the frog's amused and callous reply. Wick wishes that the Frog hadn't learned her lessons as well as she had. Implied one-sided femslash. Companion piece to "Don't trust this person." Tamara is extremely OOC in this fic and very twisted. Rated T for violence

  • The problem with promises

    See, the problem with promises was that you had to keep them. And if one of those broken promises involved ending up in Tartarus with your soul mate then so be it. Noncanon couples and threesome ClarissexAnnabethxPiper inside. Mentions of PercyxReyna and JasonxNico. Yes, JasonxNico. Don't judge me. Spoilers for Mark of Athena and House of Hades.

  • Ice cold

    And revenge really is so sweet. Ursa just wasn't expecting it from the person that sent it at her with such hatred. Sequel to "The Sin of Envy." Warning: Misogyny and homophobic issues come up in this fic. (Azutara relationship in this)

  • The sin of envy

    Envy is a petty and abhorrent sin, but no one can escape it. Iroh is learning that now. Azula is the cause for envy of four people closest to her. (Hints of Azutara and one-sided Maiko and one-sided Maizula in later chapters) (Final Chapter up)

  • Surreal

    I knew that this was bizarre and unreal, I knew that this probably wasn't really happening, I hoped it wasn't happening. Dominance is a dangerous thing, but some are more easily broken by it than others. Bellatrix/Hermione There is dominance, severe dominance, but it's just not what Bellatrix is expecting. Torture and Lime warnings

  • All that is not deserved

    Unlike Bellatrix, Narcissa knew her sins would never be forgiven. One-sided NarcissaxHermione

  • I'll send them Howling

    Takes place before "Agememnon's Dilemma" and "Artemis's Jape." Takes place during "Surreal." The second half of this story takes place after all of the other stories, except for "What we know." Hermione knows what Bellatrix has done. But will do everything to protect her anyway. Warnings for torture, abuse and later mentions of emotional and physical child abuse.

  • What we know

    Sequel to "Sacrificial Lamb." Vela stared in shock at the grim-faced Aquila. "You knew!" She almost screamed, making several students from different houses turn to stare at the sisters and cousins. Aquila, the second oldest daughter of Bellatrix and Hermione simply shrugged, "I wasn't aware it was my place to tell you." My OCs in this.

  • Sacrificial Lamb

    Narcissa and Hermione's only daughter Vela sees something she won't ever be able to forget. That's the day when she realizes what the relationship between her muggle-born mother and her pureblood mother really is. And it's not good. Closely tied to "The Tempest," and "Artemis's Jape." Warning, Hermione gets very, very dark in this.

  • Demon's lament

    One wouldn't think demons were capable of lament or regret. Wick discusses the subject of Tamara with her "brother" the Twin. One-sided WickxTamara. Sequel to "Don't trust this person" and "Regret isn't your color."

  • Worship

    Bellatrix has her problems; her times when she believes that no one can love her, however, Hermione delights in erasing those fears with kisses, caresses and fondles. Just a meaningless one-shot, can take place anywhere in the Bellamione saga, probably somewhere between Surreal and Scarred lover. Rated M for a reason.

  • A pleading demigod

    One would never think of a demigod of one of the Big Three begging, at least not begging another demigod, but given the circumstances, Percy was willing to do just that, for Annabeth's sake at least. But is Percy the only one pleading for help? Takes place a few weeks after "The problem with promises" and I think a few days after "Blood of Olympus."

  • Waltzing shenanigans

    Deciding to create new alliances in the magical world, the three Black sisters and their beloved muggle-born wife Hermione host a ball for the alliance. Unfortunately, a certain pureblood witch is trying to get between Hermione and the Black sisters. Poor pureblood witch. Going to be rated M soon do to the second chapter. Sequel to "The Tempest" and several others.

  • The Tempest

    Narcissa sees a parallel in her love for Hermione and knows that Bellatrix is unworthy of the muggle-born. But Hermione may not appreciate the sentiment. Sequel to "All that is not deserved." "Will you consider sleeping with all three of us?" "I'll consider it." Hermione submitted at last. Bellatrix's wicked grin widened. Very OOC on Bellatrix's part second chapter

  • Wasted opportunities

    Jealousy is a dangerous thing, but as Nylutha points out to Katara, so are wasted opportunities. Sequel to "An inferno amongst the glaciers," So this story probably won't make any sense if you haven't read it. Three years before "The sin of envy." "Take advantage of this opportunity, Katara, because if you don't, know that I will." OCxAzulaxKatara.

  • Seductive comfort

    Sequel to "Agamemnon's dilemma," "Artemis's jape," "Surreal" and "Scarred Lover." Takes place before "Ill met by moonlight." Hermione forgives every torture that Bellatrix inflicted on her. However, Bella's having a hard time forgiving herself-so Hermione may just have to…..improvise. (Serious M rating here) Serious Bellamione, obviously

  • Artemis's jape

    Companion piece to "Agamemnon's dilemma." Hermione sees the opportunity to get Bellatrix into her grasp and away from the treacherous grip of Voldemort. Future Bellamione heavily hinted at.