• John Hawthorne and the Chest Of Dreams

    When John Hawthorne was a baby, his house caught fire, his mother died while his father disappeared, since then he was raised by his wizard uncle.

  • Star Wars: The New Order

    Set thousands of years after Rise of Skywalker. The Jedi Order has been returned to it's former glory, but they are now in danger by the return of the Sith.

  • A Christmas Carol

    My own adaptation of the classic story. Combines elements from multiple versions

  • Powerpuff

    My own version of the live-action adaptation


    Phineas, Isabella and their friends go away on vacation, when they are stalked by a demented killer, who, if anyone, will survive? Rated MA for Gore, Violence, Language and possibly other stuff. CANCELLED, REMAKE IN THE WORKS

  • The Adventures of Red Ryder

    David Young, a 19 year billionaire orphan, tries to keep the streets clear of criminals trying to corrupt Ambrose City, in order to complete this mission, he becomes the worlds newest hero, Red Ryder, using his wide array of gadgets and weapons. I have officially changed the name from Krimzon

  • The Key Killer

    Detective Phineas Flynn investigates his toughest case yet, the Key Killer, a demented Serial Killer running amok in Danville. Can Phineas catch the killer before it's too late?

  • Legendary

    "Not all Legends are born, some Legends are earned" Phineas joins his High School Wrestling Team to bring together his broken family.

  • Saw: A Whole New Game

    A teenager called Nick pickpockets and steals from innocent people, now he is one of Jigsaw's newest victims, he must solve a maze of traps, games, puzzles and prison convicts that want him dead, can he escape with his life? Read and Find out

  • Return of the Mask

    Join artistic teenager, Jack, as he becomes the newest owner of Loki's mask, going on a whole new adventure.

  • The Tableweight Trap

    My idea of a Saw Trap, let's see what happens

  • Extreme Fanfic Wrestling

    Extreme Wrestling has come to Fanfiction and who are the stars? That's up to you since this company is for OCs. APPS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. ON INDEFINITE HIATUS

  • Total Drama Tanka Island

    APPS CLOSED A new season of Total Drama with your characters

  • 12 Rounds

    3 years after Phineas' last case as a police officer, the man he arrested is back for revenge, since Phineas took away what he treasured most, the man is taking away what Phineas treasures the most...Isabella.

  • Yugioh! The Next Generation

    A new set of characters, a new set of rules and a new series of adventures. Join 5 young duellists in this new Yugioh Spin Off

  • Scream: The College Scream

    The cast of Scream: The Next Generation return and now they are in college, when Ghostface returns, the case are put on edge and have to solve the mystery

  • Scream: The Camp Scream

    Nick, Tom, Beth and Emily get jobs at a summer camp, where a new Ghostface killer surfaces.

  • The New Kid

    After The Stick of Truth, Daniel Dovakhiin (Douchebag) starts school and starts warming up to the boys, well, except Cartman, he also gets closer to a certain blonde haired girl.

  • Saw: Game Over!

    Jigsaw returns to try to take down a new set of players, including Police Officer, Cole Bateman, who want revenge on Jigsaw for killing his wife. Rated T for violence, gore and bad language

  • Yugioh! Overload

    Join Hunter, a young duellist who wants to be the best, on his journey, he meets alot of new friends and new enemies, what does fate have in store for this teenager.