• Malfoy's Tales of My Father Ferret

    The saying goes that Malfoy's are good at everything. Especially telling bedtime stories to two precocious 4 year olds. Though some might argue that claim is dubious at best. Part of the "Color Coded Charts" universe
  • Breath

    [waterlogged paper crane] … If I could be one thing I would be the breath in your lungs. I would fill all the places I wished I could touch. Would you let me?
  • Phases

    She had rooted herself so firmly that by the time the world crashed around his ears she was the only thing left.
  • Kneazles, Cocoa and Chess

    "Checkmate." "Oh, bloody hell," Harry grumbles as Draco's Queen thrusts her sword into the chest of Harry's King, "That can't be legal." "Totally legal. Now, pay up," Draco grins smugly and gestures for Harry's blueberry scone, who gives it to him begrudgingly. Part of the same universe as Color Coded Charts
  • Tender Is My Love For You

    "...Somewhere along the way, I fell for you, it crept up on me," Draco stared into her brown eyes and if it was at all possible fell deeper. Hermione returned his stare, her expression open and emotions swirled in her eyes. Draco leans closer to her and whispers, "If you'll have me, I am yours forever."
  • Impractical and Improbable

    But a wish for a good night turns into a conversation about next week's gig and then it turns into- "budge over a bit, Pans?"- them slouching into the small booth with drinks. And suddenly, Pansy blinks, the night is over and Draco is walking away in a whirlwind of cool spring air and a toss of his hand. Part 3 of Tiny Star
  • Starlight

    "For all he knows she could be some sort of honeypot and like leading him to his doom to be violently murdered by a deranged psychopath wearing a tiara or something. And all he can think is that he regrets that he didn't tell Draco to stop being a fucking ponce and that he should have worn nicer boxers when she stops in a clearing and lies down." Part 2 of Tiny Star
  • Together they flew

    "It felt like forever. It felt like all the cliched feelings people say when they meet someone who shared even a modicum of connection. Mostly it felt like she had been splayed open and her soul had cast itself out into the ether." Muggle University AU
  • Color Coded Charts

    "Why would I, of all people, spend time and energy crafting a spell to register your emotional range in a helpful color coded handheld chart and then distribute it throughout the Ministry?"