• The Bureaucratic Error

    As the Battle of Hogwarts draws to a close, Remus Lupin finds that dying isn't as quick and easy as they'd promised Harry. Even still, he probably shouldn't have gotten sarcastic with an all-powerful force beyond his comprehension unless he wanted to find himself five years in the past, having undone both Voldemort's defeat and his own son's birth. In progress.
  • Naked Reverence

    After the second war, and her first meeting with Andromeda in a quarter-century, Narcissa talks to her husband about things they don't understand. About a month after DH. One shot. Complete.
  • Law Breakers' End

    On Remus' eighteenth birthday, he gains an ID card and loses a map. Transitions can be scary, even for the brave. (Mostly written years ago, but recently resurrected from a document in my email labeled "HP fic fragments." I assume everyone has a similar document?) One-shot.
  • The Goblin, the Snitch, and the Werewolf

    Harry considers the future of the House of Potter. Andromeda considers the past of the House of Black. Teddy is where they collide. It isn’t always pretty. Immediately after Deathly Hallows and continuing through that summer. Complete!
  • You Know Who's on First

    Hagrid meets Harry during the first book. There is a misunderstanding. Nothing else to say but that I'm very sorry and I truly regret this. One part.
  • Interim

    Between the reigns of Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew spends twelve years as Scabbers Weasley. Harry drags up memories for Remus. Sirius knows he left his sanity around here somewhere. If only he could remember where. Plotless. Written before OotP, HBP, DH.
  • Darkness Dying

    It's 1980. James is afraid to think. Sirius is afraid to act. Remus is afraid to speak. Peter is afraid to confess. In other words, an answer to the old question: how could Sirius suspect Remus? Written prior to OotP, HBP, and DH. Now slightly AU. Done.
  • Raised to the Third Power

    Semisequel to "Innocence Lost" and "Cyanide." The war is climaxing, but Voldemort is underestimating something about Harry: his friends. Featuring the Intrepid Trio, still guilty Sirius, still bitter Severus, and everyone's favorite werewolf.
  • Parvati Among the Slytherins

    Parvati character exploration. Parvati thinks about India, Death Eaters, Padma, the Boy Who Lived, psychiatry, her hair, Gryffindor, and her past experiences with Pansy and Draco, not necessarily in that order. One part.
  • Cyanide

    Semisequel to Innocence Lost and Found. Ron has always said Percy would throw him to the dementors or worse. Will he? Also starring a spying Severus. Written preOotP, HBP, DH 5th year AU. Complete.
  • Innocence Lost and Found

    The Dursleys are abusive, but rescuing Harry may mean that Sirius forfeits the chance to prove his innocence and put the war effort in jeopardy. Remus and Sirius help Harry through this rise of darkness as they come to terms with the last one. PreOotP.