Fire and Starlight

  • Child of Azkban

    Harry was locked up in Azkban, when he was six years old. For something he didn't do. He swears that the Dark Lord will rise again. Adopted from HazelVex. Chapter 9 out!

  • Revenge is Sweet

    Eliscia Potter was hailed as the Girl-Who-Lived, while her sibling, Camilla was abadoned at an orphanage. Camilla was unfair at the treatment and swore her revenge, she'd make anyone who done her wrong pay. Wrong Girl who lived! Female HP/TMR!

  • My Lord Voldemort

    "You say you hate me yet you love me and wrap you delicate fingers around my gift to you as it dangles from your neck. You say we are enemies but as the sun sets and rises you regret your answer. Do you not? Just know whether you are enemy or not, love me or hate me not that you will forever be mine Sweet Anastasia." FemHarry/TMR/LV. Adopted from Chinx Princess

  • Revenge is Sweet

    Elizabeth was neglected. Her parents smothered Harry. She was the one that defeated Voldemort. She runs to the muggle world, she plans to revenge the Potters.

  • Rise of the dark lord

    Harry overhears Hermione and Ron talking about him. No one would believes him. He finds a girl named Lilith Riddle, daughter of Voldemort. Nothing was the same. He goes dark because he loves her.

  • The Dark Lord's wife

    She was perfect. Both were raised together. She was a Ravenclaw while he was a Slytherin. Nothing will be the same after their first encounter.

  • The savour turns dark

    Needs to be adopted.

  • Studying the future book 1

    When a book shows up before the next school year starts. The professors read harry potter and secrets and discoveries are found. On Hiatus