Amber Esme Hermione

  • A Different Visitor

    Our story begins with the moment Harry turns 11 years old, on the floor of the hut on the rock. A different stranger brandishing a thin stick faces down Uncle Vernon and his shotgun. This is the beginning of an entirely different future for Harry Potter. We will see the same faces, but different attitudes and a different introduction to the magical world.
  • The Situation Gathers

    An unlikely quartet reunites at the end of the day, and the Snake, Lion, Badger, and Eagle decide where they'll spend some time together before dinner.
  • Time to Kill and Time to Heal

    Severus takes the chance to heal George in the chaos that follows Harry's flight from Private Drive. Now he must talk his way out of becoming a prisoner of the Order.
  • The Tonks-Weasly Wedding

    The conflict between Dora's duty to the Order and her love for Bill on their wedding day. This can be considered a prequel to "face it together" but it's not necessary to read one to understand the other.
  • Face it Together

    Cedric is a member of the Order of the Phoenix and fights at the Battle of Hogwarts. As the defenders prepare he finds his beloved Cho, but the school is not how he remembers it.
  • What's Between Them?

    Its July 25 between 5th and 6th year. Hermione Granger has just passed her apporition test and is meeting a friend at the Leaky Cauldron. When she gets there she recieves a letter written by Harry who's threatening suecide...
  • In Darkest Times

    COMPLEAT The final battle is over but Valdemort wasn't the only threat... Now if grief and remorse don't over take the survivors then Death Eaters may... Or the Ministrys' new department... may.