Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • Let It Snow

    Collection of winter-themed fics:: 1. Helga is lucky to share the first winter at Hogwarts among friends.

  • Odds and Ends

    Assorted drabbles and oneshots that don't fit anywhere else.:: 1. Piers attends Dudley's funeral.

  • Her Lips Were Sweet

    Collection of femslash drabbles and oneshots for Em:: 8. Daphne and Pansy find a way to be together in public, despite the risk.

  • those cunning folk

    Collection of Slytherin drabbles.:: 1. Blaise and Millicent find a way to enjoy the Yule Ball without that romantic rubbish.

  • Domestic Bliss

    Collection of unrelated and nonlinear Romione slice of life drabbles and oneshots.::3. Hermione has a major sweet tooth while pregnant with Hugo, and Ron is happy to satisfy it.

  • I Found You On the Way

    100 love stories:: 1. Daphne takes a chance on Blaise.

  • scared (but reckless)

    Or 31 ways that Dean and Piers fall in love, inspired by Inktober prompts:: unrelated, nonlinear

  • love (isn't always magic)

    Collection of angsty and/or tragic BlaiseDaphne oneshots based around prompts.:: 1. Daphne is gone, but Blaise still sees her.

  • unafraid of toil

    Collection of Hufflepuff drabbles and oneshots:: 1. Hannah takes care of a frightened first year.

  • Hate Me Like I Hate Myself

    Months after the war, Percy is still broken. Charlie is there to remind him that family is forever.:: for Lo

  • Crossing Bridges

    In which Andromeda doesn't mean to fall in love, but she does, and everything that happens is all her fault.:: AliceAndromeda for Sebastian

  • The Dragon and the Prince

    Royalty!au:: Prince Charlie is tired of his royal duties. Luckily, his best friend can shapeshift and help him get away... even if it causes a lot of chaos in the process.:: very light pre-CharlieDraco

  • where dwell the brave of heart

    Nonlinear and unrelated Gryffindor drabbles:: 1. Neville never asked to be a leader

  • A Song of Constellations

    Collection of unrelated nonlinear oneshots about the Black family.:: 12. Phineas has to find a way to ease his wife's suffering. 14. Callidora realizes she's losing Cedrella 15. Sirius can't enjoy his the end of term feast because he knew it means he has to go home. 16. Bellatrix cannot watch her mother suffer any longer

  • Forever (I Wouldn't Mind)

    A collection of love stories. :: 1. Drastoria: maybe Astoria doesn't mind being wrong.

  • when all around you is ugly

    And somehow, even as the world falls apart, there is still beauty there. Padma can feel it in Anthony's kiss.:: for

  • The Perfect Gift

    Or five Christmases Draco did a terrible job shopping for Charlie, and one year he got it right.:: ridiculous Christmas fluff for Lettice

  • In a Winter Wonderland

    A collection of winter and holiday-themed drabbles for December:: 1. It's cold outside, but Rose is so warm (Scorose)

  • chasing hope (and finding you)

    It's the end of the world, and Percy has lost everything he loves. But maybe he's found something to keep going.:: light PercyDraco apocalypse!au for Bex

  • starting fires

    1. Bellatrix appears in Alice's bedroom on her wedding night.