Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • So We Go

    100 drabbles about different pairings:: 1. Years after the war, Harry is haunted, but Ginny is by his side
  • scared (but reckless)

    Or 31 ways that Dean and Piers fall in love, inspired by Inktober prompts:: unrelated, nonlinear
  • Her Lips Were Sweet

    Collection of femslash drabbles and oneshots for Em:: 8. Daphne and Pansy find a way to be together in public, despite the risk.
  • those cunning folk

    Collection of Slytherin drabbles.:: 1. Blaise and Millicent find a way to enjoy the Yule Ball without that romantic rubbish.
  • where dwell the brave of heart

    Nonlinear and unrelated Gryffindor drabbles:: 1. Neville never asked to be a leader
  • Odds and Ends

    Assorted drabbles and oneshots that don't fit anywhere else.:: 1. Piers attends Dudley's funeral.
  • unafraid of toil

    Collection of Hufflepuff drabbles and oneshots:: 1. Hannah takes care of a frightened first year.
  • Because You Believe

    Piers never thought he would be here. A law student with a future. But his cousin isn't surprised at all.:: for Ari
  • It Starts With a Cat

    Helga finds an abandoned kitten. Salazar is hesitant.:: for Em
  • A Little Longer

    Blaise visits the beach in his youth, then again, many years later.:: BlaiseTheo for Lucy
  • A Chance In the Face of Darkness

    A stroll by the lake leads to an important question and a chance for happiness.:: for Danie
  • To Save a Life

    Ron is haunted. Pansy is broken. Maybe they can find a way to make it work.:: Voldemort wins!au for Angel
  • those of wit and learning

    Collection of Ravenclaw drabbles:: 1. Luna never wants to go inside.
  • Choose You Every Time

    Piers runs away from home, and his cousin doesn't know what to do.
  • Domestic Bliss

    Collection of unrelated and nonlinear Romione slice of life drabbles and oneshots.::3. Hermione has a major sweet tooth while pregnant with Hugo, and Ron is happy to satisfy it.
  • Back to Normal

    Halfway through the year 1998, the Dursleys return. Dean is back, and Piers is smiling again. And there's a handsome, mysterious stranger keeping eye on Privet Drive. All in all, Max Polkiss thinks everything is looking up.
  • like a seed (we grow, we bloom)

    Hannah's struggling to get her Herbology project going. Neville has an unconventional solution.
  • you changed the melody every time

    Arthur is dying, and his children come together to say goodbye.
  • heart as empty as your bottle

    In which Edgar drinks and recalls the tragedy that befell his anniversary.:: for Sophy
  • A Song of Constellations

    Collection of unrelated nonlinear oneshots about the Black family.:: 12. Phineas has to find a way to ease his wife's suffering. 14. Callidora realizes she's losing Cedrella 15. Sirius can't enjoy his the end of term feast because he knew it means he has to go home. 16. Bellatrix cannot watch her mother suffer any longer