• Rise From the Ashes

    Harry Potter. A boy who was forgotten and cast off by those that were supposed to love him most. Brother to the boy who lived, Harry has a different role to play. One that no one could have seen coming.
  • Drunken Poker

    A drabble created for The House Competition, a school reunion, drinks and poker, what can go wrong? Nothing. But what can go right? Everything! EWE
  • Never Judge a Book by It's Cover

    A challenge fic from SilverBoar, I'll try and update weekly, but the minimum is once every 2 weeks. Summary: Harry's parents survived that night in Godric's Hollow and Harry's twin brother was declared the boy-who-lived. FOR THE PURPOSE OF MY STORY HARRY IS 2 YEARS OLDER! Grey! Harry, Slytherin!Harry, Haphne, Smart!Harry, WBWL!Harry
  • The Eyes Say It All

    Harry Potter is a boy who was forced to mature far too early. He lost his childish innocence long ago, but rescued by a faithful helper and guided and trained by those that care for him he unleashes a side that no one expected of him, especially not a manipulative old coot. Harry traverses the dangerous dance that is Slytherin and Hogwarts as he shows why he belongs and his power.
  • The House Competition, A Series of Oneshots

    A collection of oneshots created for The House Competition
  • The Trial of The Century

    Harry Potter, brother of the Boy-Who-Lived and Voldemort's right hand man is now on trial for war crimes. No one comes to his defense save Daphne Greengrass, renowned Death Eater Prosecutor. The secrets hidden behind the war will shock wizarding Britain to the core and reveal a boy who would do anything for family.
  • Top of the Tower

    A late night conversation between two people pretending to be what they're not. Oneshot.
  • List of Houses and their Power

    This is a guideline to be used for all of my stories, it contains a list of the Noble, Ancient and Noble and Most Ancient and Noble houses used in all my stories where lordships are concerned.
  • Photograph

    Harry's talk and thoughts after the death of his wife and child.
  • Double Trouble with the Potters, A story about Rose and Harry Potter

    Harry has a twin, Rose who has a temper like her mother's. Together and joined by the other heirs they set out to correct the way of hogwarts, defeat Voldemort and prevent a meddlesome old coot from corrupting more minds. Dumbledore Bashing, Ron,Molly and SOME Ginny Bashing, At least 2 main OCs.