• A Werewolf's Secret

    Three years ago Roxanna got the most wonderful yet terrifying news when she learned she was pregnant with Professor Lupin's child. Though he left her without ever finding out. Now she's started a new life but when Narcissa calls for her help she's forced to return with her son no one knows about, and finds out Remus is around again, though there's a young auror pursuing him. (HBP)

  • A Professor's Secret

    "Well what am I suppose to do? Go up to him and say 'Professor Lupin I want to seduce you.?" I asked Lilian, maybe a little to loud as Professor Snape threw me a look from the front of the class. The new DADA professor catches Roxanna Blake's eye in her 7th year. Can he resist this slytherin's temptations? (Set during POA)

  • A Hogwarts Family

    Remus, Roxanna, and Demetrius are back! Set Seven Years after "A Werewolf's Secret" Demetrius gets his letter from Hogwarts, but Roxanna is not ready to part with him for an entire school year. Since she always wanted to become a professor herself maybe its time she does that, and of course that means Remus will be a professor again too because she's not leaving him behind!

  • Obliviate

    Remus and Roxanna have been through a lot, but there's more. Roxanna thinks she had not seen Remus for three years after she found out she was having his baby. These are a collection of OneShots she and Remus experienced before he Obliviated her mind of these memories. For reasons that will be revealed later in "A werewolf's secret"

  • A Professor's Scandal

    How could I do it? Why did I do it? Who knew I even felt that way about Professor Snape of all people! I keep telling myself that I didn't even realize it was him, though in the back of my mind I very well did know the moment I decided to approach him. In fact that's why I approached him. SET DURING SS

  • Even In Death

    Bellatrix encounters Voldemort in the afterlife, but he is not whole. Together they set out to find the rest of his soul, but along the way realize that his strive for power may not have ended with death. In fact he now has an advantage, but will he finally be able to love Bellatrix when his soul is once again whole?