Yemi Hikari

  • Witch Next Door

    A girl moves in next door to the Dursley's prior to Harry Potter's first year. Many romance novel that Aaralyn has read about a boy and girl next door ends with them falling in love. She finds herself crushing on Harry. However... Possible AR/AU
  • A Difference In Ice

    Rukia comes to see the young taicho through her her blade's eyes only to be even more confused by the end.
  • (bdw-b-009) Drabble Crossovers: Multi-Fandom

    This is a drabble collection with ten crossovers with the Bleach fandom.
  • (bdw-b-005) My Child

    This is a poetry novel of an event occurring when Toshiro was a child.
  • (bdw-a-089) Saved Stream

    The Iwatobi swim club is at an indoor pool training. It's a "low budget", meaning they have to deal with others. Haruka of course has no normamility.
  • (bdw-a-081) Why Don't You Kill Me?

    Gin tried staying away, but he feels Toshiro's spiritual pressure near where he choose to hide from Soul Society. He knows the white haired child is in trouble, he knows that it is his worst nightmare, he knows he has to step in. He's not expecting how dark the nightmare happens to be. Written for the Bleach Diversity Writing Challenge.
  • School Stinks

    Toshiro's mentally out of it after the war with the Quincy. Due to the fact he has had little interaction with his age group Ukitake and Kyoraku end up coming up with the idea that he should interact with the Kurosaki twins and their classmates in hopes that the boy will end up resolving certain aspects of his psychological issues but it is honestly also a gamble.
  • (bdw-l-20) Finding Friendship: Cuts

    This contains some cuts from Finding Friendship that didn't work out.
  • (bdw-a-059) Past, Present, Future

    According to Isshin's third seat neither one of them would make good parents. (Drabble collection for Bleach Diversity Writing.)
  • (bdw-a-058) Shiba Clan

    This is another drabble collection for the Bleach Diversity Writing. Each of the drabbles covers the five known members of the Shiba clan. Also involves Isshin's former third seat.
  • Mother Figure

    This is a drabble I wrote for Wattpad's FanFicFriday drabble contest.
  • (bdw-d-2) ABC

    This is a Bleach poetry collection based around an ABC theme. (Part of the Bleach Diversity Writing challenge)
  • (bdw-b-006) Bleached Seasons

    Four poems arranged around Toshiro to the theme of seasons. (Part of Bleach: Diversity Writing challenge)
  • Deadpool Narates

    Deadpool narrates a day spent with Wolverine... albeit a short day. (FanFicFriday - Comic-Con) Also requested by my brother.
  • (bdw-l-20) Finding Friendship: Rose Petaled Bliss

    Hanataro always treated Toshiro as a friend and Bambietta picked up upon this. (AU-Scenario for FF)
  • Heads and Tails

    AU... This is a fanfic making humor about the Draco/Hermione fanfics that use the Head dorms and Head positions to get together. That was one of my favorite cliques when done right. Well... sort of as it is actually satirizing the clique more then anything.
  • To be a Snake or to be a Dragon

    A poem written about the whole delima about whether or not Draco will become good or stay bad in the seventh book. Contains no spoilers for the book.
  • Childhood Friend

    This is a series of four poems that show the true relationship between Snape and Lily from the veiw point of the four I feel it most effect. Better understood if you've read the last book.
  • That Isn't Me III

    Luna Lovegood falls asleep in Potions class and dreams a very wierd dream.
  • If I Had a Sibling

    What if Hermione had happened to have a sibling? Then why was this sibling not mentioned in the book? This is my way of turning what would be a normally AU OC into a non-AU OC.