• the Elemental spell gamer

    When Jasmine potters friends turn on her when her name comes out of the goblet of fire, Jasmine leaves the castle and finds another world to get training to help her with the tournament. The choices she makes will have far-reaching consequences, and she will find new friends that she thought she would never have before.

  • Nuts and bolts

    A collection of one shots that I have written for the Harry Potter universe. They will be standalone stories, crossover stories, completed stories, and not completed stories. Regardless of whether the chapter is a complete story or not I invite anyone to pick up one of the stories I have here and use it as a steppingstone for an idea for their own story. These are ideas that just f

  • Elemental master one shots

    A collection of one shots featuring each of the six elemental masters introduced in the elemental spell gamer. Also part of the challenge that is indicated at the start of every story.

  • Killer worm

    Lung is about to attack the under ciders for stealing from the ruby dreams casino, but someone has taken offense to that, or is it multiple someone's? A crossover between Worm and Killer seven.

  • Harry potter elemental savior

    On the night of the choosing of the tri-wizard champions not only does Harry's name come out of the goblet, but another one comes out alongside it. How willthe the individuals presents affect not only Harry's participation in the tournament, but what happens after. Who is she, and what does she bring to the table.