• Jumpstarted

    After another failed attempt at wooing Lily Evans ruins one of Sirius' plans, he and James make a bet - James has to get Lily to go out with him before Sirius can get a girl of Remus' choice to agree to a date with him. Remus chooses Sarah Hughes, a quiet Hufflepuff. Should be an easy target, right? Unfortunately for Sirius, she hates him.
  • The Professor

    Remus Lupin is living a quiet, uneventful life in York, content to spend his days alone. But when a familiar cat shows up, bringing with it memories and an offer, he's given the change to change all of it.
  • Sweeping Away

    Dirk Creswell has been captured, and he and his fellow prisoners are on their way to Azkaban. He has only a few moments to escape, and the watchful eye of the Death Eater-controlled Ministry is making that incredibly difficult. But then, a familiar face comes to give him a hand. Written for the IWSC Round 2.