• It Was Bound To Happen

    your simple L/J story. starts off in fifth year after the mudblood incident.

  • hogwarts in quarantine

    AU. its is covid-19 season and all of us are in quarantine, so thought it would be funny to see how hogwarts e-schools students. R&R!

  • Marauders Texting and Trash

    the app is kind of like an instagram-twitter mix, the characters all belong to JKR, welcome to my newest marauders story.

  • Devilled Website

    I introduced Harry, Draco, Ginny, Ron and Hermione to fanfiction. inspired by "I did what with Lucius" by DarthObysdian. Rated T for the various pairings mentioned.

  • Not So Secretly

    its been 200 days since James last asked her out and Lily isn't sure anymore. songfic to Not so Secretly by Dylan Conrique.

  • Wardrobe Malfunction

    After a crazy day, Lily decides to take a shower. but what happens when all her clothes are missing? and how does James Potter play into it? and why on earth is there a bloody problem with the Hogwarts Laundromat? Rated T for slight profanity.

  • What are you doing here!

    "What the hell are you doing at my house Potter? How in Merlin's name did you even find me? You aren't stalking me are you?" L/J

  • If Harry Potter Had Google

    AU. i decided to explore the possibilities of the Wizarding World and google

  • In My Amortentia

    Jily seventh year: james and lily brew amortentia and discover love. cute. one-shot.

  • Full Moon, Nov 1981

    remus's first full moon after it all happened. warning: can make you cry.

  • her eyes

    a short jily one-shot, centered around lily's eyes, james third person pov

  • quidditch match

    this is a short one-shot about harry's first quidditch match