• Black Eyed Boy

    SS/OC Set during the Goblet of Fire, we follow the TRUE hero of the Harry Potter series - Severus Snape. Severus meets a healer from the Beauxbatons who came to aid Madam Poppy Pomfrey during the tournament. It is lust at first sight but will Severus ever let down his guards enough to let her in? This will be part 1 - I Plan to work my way through books 4-7

  • To Sir, With Lust

    Severus' new co-worker annoys him, to be fair, he aggravates her too. Until a holiday staff party makes Hermione Granger quite bold.

  • Nottingham

    The newly appointed Sheriff of Nottingham finds the love of his life with Lady Marian. Will they spend the rest of their lives together or will the deplorable Robin Hood wreck their chances?