• Little Lightning DiNozzo

    After a beating lands 4 year old Harry Potter in the Hospital it is discovered Tony DiNozzo is his father. Tony must step up with some help from his Boss and Partner to help raise Harry with all the new adventures they will go on. *This is also being written on AO3 on my account ijustwanttobeme**

  • Kamali's Home for the Lost

    Oakley is a 20 year old trans man who got kicked out of home after coming out as transgender. His parents drop him off at Kamali's home for the lost instead of driving him home from college. Will he learn love and acceptance in the home or will his anxiety and fear take over? *This is the first time I am trying to write something like this. Please let me know what you think? ** TW

  • Tony Mastering Criminology

    After a discussion with his coworkers about their degrees Tony decides to finish his Masters in Criminology. He gets some help along the way from his NCIS family.