• The Connections Cutting Room Floor

    This is a collection of my notes and cut scenes from the series Connections. A combination of notes from this story's development and scenes that were cut, rewritten, or drastically changed.

  • Family Connections

    Never had a summer passed so quickly for Harry Potter. Sure, the beginning had been a little rough. Nearly being murdered by a cousin he didn't know existed, only to be saved by Sasuke. The rocky start he had had moving to Konoha. But as wonderful of a summer as it was, Harry still couldn't wait to get back to school...Assuming he survived having Team 7 in Diagon Alley.

  • The Best Laid Plans of Cannibals

    Hannibal invites Will over for dinner. Things do not go as planned. Poor Hannibal just wanted a nice dinner with his one friend. Drastic steps might be necessary.