• Occlumency Opportunity

    What would happen if Professor Snape found out about Harry's home life during occlumency? How would he react? Would he be able to see past his grudge to end up helping Harry?
  • Starvation

    What if the Weasley's were caught sneaking out to rescue Harry, what would have happened? Who would have come to Harry's rescue?
  • Monthly Cycles

    Harriet Potter, also known as Harry to her friends, gets her first cycle and has no idea whats going on due to the Dursleys neglect. She ends up going to McGonagall for help and as usual, things happen. Oneshot! Fem!Harry
  • Harry meets the Marauders

    Harry wanders into the twins dorm in first year, expecting a snowball fight and finds a mysterious piece of parchment. Harry figures out how special this suspiciously innocent looking parchment really is.
  • Career Advice

    One shot: My take on how Harry's career advice meeting with McGonagall would have gone if he had gotten the idea to become a teacher. None of this belongs to me, just the grand J.K Rowling