• Total Chaos: Chapter 6: Lucious Malfoy

    The 6th installment to my series. PLEASE read the foregoing parts! PLEASE Review! PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! A note from Lucious, the return of Cho slightly, and a couple other things. GO ME! I got it up!
  • Total Chaos: Chapter 5: New Girl

    PG13 for some bad wprds, and some making out, not too much. Some twists here! and Draco/Harry problem is partially resolved. I changed teh anem from Something New ot Total Choas! PLEASE R/R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This one is a bit depressing-i have strep thro
  • Angel in Disguise

    This is a song fic-I kinda liked this one.I just wrote it,please R/R!And I dont want a SINGLE FLAME cause of what ends up happening at teh end of this one!
  • The Boy is mine!(Brandy+Monica)

    OK!This is my 2nd songfic in about 3 days or so!PLEASE-I'm telling you know-there is some foul language,please take caution-it is rated PG!And PLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE R/R!!!!!!!!!!!!oh-yeah-and this songfic is a H/Herm/Cho fic...okies!
  • Standing At The Edge Of The Earth

    VERY first Song fic!I hope its good!It's about H/HR in the last year!No more about that!the song is by Blessid Union of Souls,and isnt mine.Harry/Herm/parents/Hogwarts/platform 9 3/4 are all JKROWLINGS!Thanks!Just PLEASE R/R!I want flames,anything!JUST TH
  • Total Chaos

    Just-Please read it!Its a really good story-so all my friends say!Dont worry-I'm going to be writing this series as quick as possible!JUST READ IT!And no Flames in Reviews!